Mobile Marketing Requires a Braveheart and 6 Steps

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Like most things offering promise, mobile marketing is not for the faint of heart.   Mobile_marketing_strategy+mobile_users_Braveheart

No, you don’t have to become Mel Gibson in Braveheart to get yourself mobile ready, but you may feel like you have.  TWEET THIS

Diving into mobile can feel frustrating and overwhelming.  Too much to think about, too many options, one more thing on top of all of the other online marketing and on and on.

In the past, we’ve discussed a few of the reasons for going mobile and presented some of the tips and resources to help get you there.

The most recent post about mobile marketing provided a quick prep list based upon the fact that resistance to mobile is no longer optional.  Think of that post as Mobile 101 – getting your feet wet.  Testing.  Experimenting.

But you can’t stop there.

You need to make mobile marketing a key ingredient of your overall marketing strategy.

This means you need to invest some serious time thinking about the impact of mobile on your business.

What follows is a more in-depth outline of 6 steps that will help you create a mobile marketing strategy for your business.  Here are a few of the critical questions you’ll want to consider in that strategy building process.

1.  What are your goals for your mobile marketing? 

You want to think:

  • about the type of business you have
  • how are your competitors using mobile
  • the role mobile will play in your business and in reaching sales goals
  • how mobile will fit into your overall marketing efforts

2.  How is your audience using mobile?

You want to think:

  • who are they and how do they differ from your total audience
  • where they are when they tap into mobile
  • which mobile devices they are most likely using
  • what are they specifically seeking when they’re on their mobile devices

3.  Are you supplying what your audience of mobile users want/need? 

You want to think:

  • readability and navigation tailored to smaller screens
  • quick load times – in milliseconds
  • most critical information for those on-the-go
  • easy ways to respond to calls to action
  • ways to easily reach you for immediate assistance (e.g. click-to-call, etc.)

4.  Are you optimized for mobile searches?

You want to think:

  • the ‘right’ keywords for mobile users who are typically closer to a buying decision or posed to take some sort of action
  • the value of a separate mobile advertising campaign to reach more mobile users

5.  Are you tailoring your email communications for your mobile audience? 

You want to think:

  • specific information those on-the-go will want or need (e.g. location based services, coupons, e-receipts, etc.)
  • mobile friendly email format
  • micro-messages so they are easy to read and act upon
  • action oriented subject lines (emphasis on the first 35 characters)

6.  How will you know if your mobile marketing efforts are delivering to the bottom line? 

You want to think:

  • number of impressions/transactions/coupons/click-to-calls via mobile users
  • mobile advertising results – which words are delivering, number of coupons received, etc.
  • email performance improvements (e.g. open rates, click through rates, etc.)

Spend some time with these questions and with your answers.  Your responses will most likely lead you to other important issues around mobile that you need to add to this list and to take into consideration.

Be brave of heart.  Armed with a mobile marketing strategy, you will be meeting the needs of your mobile users and helping to expand your audience reach.

Have you taken any steps to prepare for mobile?  If so, which steps and what have your experiences been (positive or negative).

If not, what are you waiting for?

Share your thoughts about mobile in the comments section below.  I’m really curious to see how many of you are gearing up for mobile.

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