Does SEO Still Matter?

Answer:  Yes, SEO Matters

SEOIt is a fair question, because SEO, page rankings, along with the algorithms of the various search engines seem to be always in a state of flux.

Plus the addition of social media activity in search results can make the process more confusing.

But here is the thing.  You need to optimize everything you do online with a good keyword list…not just on your website or blog.  All of your online activities need to be guided by SEO, including using keywords in your social media.

The process of crafting your keyword list can be time consuming and sometimes about as clear as mud.  Here is one post presenting one simplified technique that may be helpful in your SEO efforts.  And another more comprehensive list of SEO tools is below.  These tools may serve to increase your SEO productivity.

55 SEO Productivity Tools

This is a great post the various SEO tools that are out there by Sujan Patel of Single Grain on Search Engine Journal.  This post could serve as a pretty comprehensive reference guide to an array of productivity and keyword tools for anyone trying to get a handle on their SEO.

Just be aware that some of these SEO tools are free to use (i.e. Google Analytics) and some are premium tools that will require a fee (i.e. Market Samurai).

My suggestion is to first use the free SEO tools.  You may find that these are all the tools you need.  But, if not, you’ll need some proficiency and familiarity with SEO in order to evaluate which fee based tools will really help you.

So, do your homework prior to purchasing.

Let me know if there are any SEO tools or tricks you use that enhance your keyword productivity or would that you would add to this list in the comments section below.
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  1. obviously it still matters….without ranking you can’t do anything…Still Backlinks are one of the most important thing just you have to consider that from where you are getting it…..

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