The Keys to Keyword Research You Need to Know

Keyword Research is not that difficult

Keyword Research

With the mobile update coming from Google, you need to use every tool to get your website and your posts found.

This means getting back to the basics of keyword research… those terms people use to search for your business, products and services.

I often hear from business owners that they just don’t understand HOW to really do keyword research.  Here’s a simplified process for you to use.

1.  Make a list of all of the terms you think people use to find you, your products and/or services.

2.  Talk to your staff, sales people or customer service staff and ask them to add to your list.

3.  Talk to real customers and ask them what terms they use when searching for your service or product.  Add these terms to your list.

4.  Next Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  Get a free account and ignore buying any Adwords until you have your keyword research nailed down.  This tool will give you loads of variations on your keywords.  Look for those that are relevant and high search counts.  Add these to your list.

5.  Go to Google Search and input one of your main keywords.  Look at the other terms that are suggested.  Add these to your list.

6.  Go to the bottom on that search result and look at the additional terms that Google offers.  Add these to your list.

Note:  These last three tools (4, 5 and 6) are great for finding long tail keyword phrases that may not receive a lot of traffic, but will be much easier to get high rankings.

Armed with this list, whittle through and discard any terms you feel are irrelevant or confusing.

Select two or three major keywords for your website from your culled keyword research.

Look at the other keywords and combinations of keywords to see if they can be used for blog posts, ebooks, slide presentations, social media, etc., to drive traffic back to your website.

Keep this list on hand and use it.  Use it often.

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