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SEO KissIn the hands of novices, SEO can be confusing, frustrating and something to be avoided at all costs.  Yes, good SEO delivers the desired results, which are higher organic search rankings in Google and the other search engines.  But does it have to be so darn confusing?

To get the confusion out of SEO, we need to keep it simple silly (KISS).  Here are a few KISS tips to help you do just that.

This first SEO KISS technique is one I discovered from the folks at The Outsourcing Company.  It is really pretty cool.  You’ll find two more KISS tips at the end of this post.

Step 1 – Log into your Google Analytics account.  Yes, you should have a Google Analytics account.  If you don’t, get one NOW!

Once inside your account, go to Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic.  There you will find a keyword list that are bringing people to your website.  You want to zero-in on the top 50 or 100 keywords that are already sending you traffic.  Here are a few from my site.

Google Analytics

Step 2  – Take just one of these keyword phrases and input it into UberSuggest.  In the example below, I used keyword “marketing”.


Hit the Suggest button.  UberSuggest spits out tons of keyword phrases for you to consider. In our example below, we received 380 suggestions.

Search SuggestionsNow you have a great keyword list to evaluate.  You’ll want to use some of these keywords and others you’ll want to ignore.  But the real value of any keyword rests in the traffic it can deliver, which leads us to Step 3.

Step 3 – Click on the Select All Keywords button on UberSugget.  To the right, you’ll see your list of keywords appear.  Click the Get button and a copy and paste screen will appear like the one below.

Keyword copy and paste screen

Copy and paste all of these keywords into the Google Keyword Tool to find the monthly traffic of each keyword globally or locally.  Here is a sample of my Google results.

Google Keyword Results

Step 4 – Analyzing the level of competition along with the search volume and the suggestions given by Google, I was able to identify several keyword phrases with low competition to use on my website, in my blog posts, in my Facebook posts, etc.  Don’t forget that keywords play an important role in everything you do online.

  • marketing by design
  • what is marketing
  • marketing in business
  • marketing communications

I would add one more important thing to think about when you’re selecting your keywords.  Select those keywords that you believe are most relevant to your audience.  In other words, select keyword phrases you believe will be used  by your audience when they do a search that pertains to your business, products or services.

Two Additional SEO Tips

Lastly, I have two additional tips for those of you who blog using WordPress.  There are two WordPress plugin tools that will help you write posts that are SEO rich.  One such tool is SEO by Yoast and the other is Inbound Writer.  Use these tools to guide your writing and you’ll find many more posts ranking high in Google and the other search engines.

I hope these tips help simplify the SEO process for you.  Feel free to leave any additional tools, tips or suggestions in the comments box below.

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