The Science of Social Media Recap

14 Social Media Take Aways from Zarrella’s Presentation

Dan Zarrella

Dan Zarrella

Dan Zarrella is an interesting character and that’s putting it mildly.  He’s a bright star shinning a light on the facts of social media, but has a touch of fractal strangeness around the edges.  This intelligent man apparently has a thing for Zombies, beer and Las Vegas, a combination that creates a gag reflex for me, but obviously works for him. To each his own.

Where Zarrella can’t be beat is in stating the facts, which is what he did yesterday in his HubSpot presentation, The Science of Social Media.  What I personally like about Dan’s information is it is documented.  He actually goes through what most of us would find mind-numbing number crunching to get to the real answers and slay the unicorn philosophies about what does or doesn’t work in the social media world.

If you missed the presentation, I’ve created a short recap of Dan’s presentation.  I may have overlooked a few highlights, but do believe I captured the big ones.  Oh…and before I forget, I would strongly encourage you — that is if you’re serious about your social media efforts — to get a FREE copy of his new Kindle book, Zarrella’s Hierarchy of ContagiousnessYou only have until this Friday, August 26th, to get it for free. Catchy title, you say?  Wait until you see the bunny cover!  I warned you he was a tad weird, but it is in a really good way.  I think.

Social Media Take Aways

  1. The premise that only good ideas spread is false.  Plenty of good ideas die a premature death everyday and plenty of bad ideas do spread.
  2. The life span of any idea — good or bad — on Twitter is about the same as a fruit fly.  Short…very short.
  3. To gain exposure for an idea, one has to extend their reach, which translates into collecting fans and followers
  4. The premise that ‘engaging in conversation’ is the most important variable in collecting fans, followers, blog comments is false.  Data shows that ‘pumping out a lot of relevant information’ in the form of retweets, links to site, etc. is the best way to gain fans and followers.
  5. Operative word is “relevant” information.
  6. Pieces of the puzzle that also contribute to more fans/followers includes photos, completed bios, links to web site and identifying yourself as a authority (e.g. official, founder, speaker, author, expert, guru, etc.)
  7. Fan/followers don’t want to hear about you…they want you to talk about them.
  8. Focus comments on learning and positivity.  No one likes a negative ninny.
  9. While the pace on Twitter may infer the higher the frequency the more apt it is to get noticed…the reality is that you can crowd out your own content.  So post, tweet and let it sit for a bit and then re-post/tweet. 
  10. Premise that Friday, Saturday and Sundays are the worse days to interact of social media is false.  CTRs (click through rates) for email and Facebook shares is highest on Saturday and SundayRT frequency spikes on Thursday and Fridays.  This is because there is more white space around the content, more opportunity to actually see and comprehend what is being viewed.
  11. Best information to share is ‘scarce’ information and not information that everyone else has already shared.
  12. Want to know what information is scare with your audience?  Do searches on the social platforms and see what questions are being asked.
  13. Drop the high-brow or colorful cutesy language.  Go for simple and plan language.  Write for a 5th grader or so that the Snookies of the world will get it.
  14. Include call to action in all of your online activities…ask for comments, ask nicely for RTs, ask nicely for people to share/re-post.  Calls to action really do work. 

That’s it.  Dan had tons of other little tidbits that while interesting and even entertaining, I can’t do justice.

Again, I encourage you to pop-over to Kindle and download his Free e-book before he starts charging for it.  I also encourage you to check out Dan Zarrella.  He is a good reliable source of information.

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