Who uses social networking sites?

Do you wonder if your customers are going Social?

Knowing where one’s customers hang out is critical to effective communications.  One has to know where they are in order to design plans to reach them.  Unfortunately, many small business owners still wonder if their customers are even using social networking sites or SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or MySpace).

Well, the answer would appear that they do.   Pew Research Center has been tracking Internet Usage and it’s recent findings are pretty definitive.  Almost eight out of ten American adults (79%) report internet usage with almost six out of ten of internet users (59%) using at least one SNS.  These figures are close to double the percentage using SNS in 2008 and suggest the U.S. is beginning to reach saturation with over half of adult SNS users over the age of 35.


Pew SNS Research - Age

Pew SNS Research - Age

Facebook is the big Gorilla with nine out of ten (92%) of SNS users and over half (52%)  reporting daily usage.  This daily usage pattern is 20 points higher than for Twitter or any of the other SNS services.


Pew SNS Research - Usage

Pew SNS Research - Usage

To find out more about how SNS users are using Facebook and more demographic data on social networking site users, check out the full Pew Internet Report.  You don’t want to ignore this study.  It has a lot of great information that can be very beneficial to small businesses.

Bottom Line

If you’re a small business owner and are not already actively engaging with your customers through social networking sites, these data will get you to understand why you should be…and soon.  Dig in and get dirty with the data.

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