5 Great Tips on How NOT To Make Perfect YouTube Videos

Sooo, Ya wanna be a YouTube video star?

Well, yea…doesn’t everyone?

YouTube Video - Grumpy Cat

Do a ton of YouTube videos and get your name out there.

Get real popular.

Make tons and tons of money from Google ads advertising soap, cars and beauty aids.

Go on morning talk shows.

Get on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and meet Cousin Sal.

Maybe a book deal will come out of it.  Or better, a movie…hear Grumpy Cat and Bob the Cat have some movie deals in the works.

If a female feline that looks like its face has been smashed by an iron skillet can get over 2 million views every time she yawns, surely people will fall in love with you and your rich content.  Right?

That right. The key is in the content.

People are staving in the streets for some of that good old ‘rich content’ that only you have to offer.

That’s why they waste hours watching stupid cat videos.

There’s not enough ‘rich content’ on the Internet.  That’s the secret to creating a series of great YouTube videos.

Of course, one person’s idea of ‘rich content’ is another person’s War and Peace, but you can handle that.

So how do you go about creating YouTube videos that really hit the sweet spot…that dominate the gazillion YouTube videos out there…that takes the world by storm…that goes viral like the plague and get banned in China?


Red Rocket’s Solution to the Perfect YouTube Videos

Don’t quit you day job just yet.

First, you’ll want to learn from the feet of the masters of YouTube videos.

‘Who are they?  Well, they are the very fine folks at Red Rocket Media.  They have the answers or at least five of them.

Who is Red Rocket Media, you ask?

Red Rocket Media is a leading specialist social media and content marketing agency in the UK.  Geeze!  That is a mouth full.  But it is on their website, so it must be true.

Of course they did a 3 minute YouTube filled to the brim with tons of rich, rich content.

It includes the 5 most important tips on how NOT to make perfect YouTube videos.

Enjoy and I’ll see you on YouTube.  Or maybe not.



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