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If “Yes”, Then Do Videos

YouTube VideosI’ve talked about the value of YouTube videos before by highlighting the continuous growth in viewership and by providing lots of reasons as to why small business owners should use YouTube videos to feature their stores, products and services and to post not only on YouTube but also onto other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and we could add Pinterest.

While I’d like to believe otherwise, I know only a few of you took any action.

Recently, comScore released its most recent Video Metrix study. The results are pretty telling.  Video continues to be an all time favorite online.

According to comScore, 180 million U.S. Internet users viewed 36.6 BILLION videos online in the month of May.

And once again, YouTube, ranked as the top online video site in May with 151.7 million unique viewers and 17.6 Billion views. recorded 44.3 million unique viewers.

The average viewer watched 21.9 hours of online video content, with Google Sites (7.7 hours) and Hulu (4.2 hours) earning the highest average engagement among the top ten properties measured.  Just nine months ago, this figure was 18 hours of online video content.  Folks are watching almost 4 more hours of videos online than at that time.  So the trend is up and it may be time for you to get your share of some of those YouTube viewership.   Make yourself a promise that you won’t wait another three months before creating a YouTube video for your small business.

Video Viewing Online
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