New Year! New Intentions.

And a Very Happy 2014!

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Hope all of you had a great Holiday Season with your families and loved ones.

We did.  So much so that it made me think we need to do more celebrating throughout the year.

You may have had similar thoughts along those lines during the Holiday and New Year celebrations.

Why don’t I, we do more of this or that?

It must be part of the human condition to instinctively spend time at the end of one year, asking how the next will be different.

We seem to always be striving for that elusive ‘better’.

Perhaps you share my constant need to do better, to work harder, to be more than what I am at the moment.  Right?

Twelve months, 365 days, 8,760 hours go rocketing by and in the end we are left sitting in its dust wondering where it all went.

What happened to all of those great plans? 

Why didn’t those new products get produced? 

Where is that list of great ideas?

A New Year for Me

I took some time off during the Holidays.  To break old patterns, it sometimes helps to break old routines.

I thought a lot about this reoccurring pattern of always wanting the next year to be BETTER and decided it needed to go.  I don’t want to strive for ‘better’.  I want to strive for NEW opportunities.

My tendency is to think I just have to work harder.  But I’ve always known how to work hard. This is one area where I excel.  I need to practice working ‘smarter’…a lot smarter.

For me, this means using more tools and making the up-front time investment in tools that automate the process.

Working smarter also means being more disciplined around what I choose to work on.

I tired of the mental angst over every new product idea or joint venture.  Instead, I want to just move on the idea or an opportunity and see where it takes me.  Throw it out there and see if it takes off.

I’m also bone weary of playing it safe or safer than I should.  I want to just DO and ask for forgiveness later.

I’m frustrated by following rules.  I want to break some rules, a lot of rules.

Besides, exactly who are these people creating all of these rules?  Do they deserve my trust?  Do they deserve your trust?

Perfection is no longer my goal.  It is energy sapping and counterproductive.

FOCUS is my 2014 watchword and getting to 80% with everything is my new goal. 

As the French writer Voltaire, put it over 250 years ago…

The best is the enemy of the good.”

Those are a few of my thoughts.  I have no idea how these changes will play out or how they will impact my business or my life.  Your guess is as good as mine.

I only know 2014 will be a year of my making.  Just like 2013.

My hope is that my new intentions will bring new challenges and new opportunities.

What are some of your intentions for this New Year?

What steps will you be taking to make 2014 different than 2013?

Go ahead and share your thoughts.   Don’t be shy.

You only have 357, 356 days left.  Don’t waste any of it.


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