Are You Making these 3 Online Marketing Mistakes? Here are the Remedies.

3 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes

online marketing mistakes

It’s easy to make some mistakes in online marketing.  It can be confusing and it is constantly shifting.

The smart thing to do when you discover that you are making a mistake is to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

So here are the three big online marketing mistakes I see with clients all of the time.  Oh, and I’ve included a workbook at the end of the post, so you can take some corrective action.

Online Marketing Mistake #1:  Doing vs. Thinking

It is s o o o o easy to fall into the tactical doing-ness of online marketing.  It is the forever-land of learning some new thingy, trying it out and then popping over to a new thingy.

The problem is there is too little upfront thinking going on before the doing.

Here’s what I mean.

One of my clients is a dog breeder.  Her purebred puppies sell for around $3,000 per.  She gets all caught up in getting Facebook likes.  It is like a competitive sport for her.  She wants more Facebook likes than her competitors and she spends most of her marketing time with one technique or another trying to out “like” them.

Collecting Facebook likes is fine, but if you scratch below the surface just a bit, you begin to realize that having a bunch of likes from people who can’t or won’t buy from you, isn’t a very good way to invest your precious resources of time and money.

The worst part is she is lacking a back-end strategy of how to create an ongoing relationship (email marketing) with those who are potential buyers. It is flirting with potential disaster.

But getting more likes is s o o o o cool!  How can I resist?

Stop doing and start thinking.  That’s how you will resist and how you’ll stop making one of the biggest online marketing mistakes.

Think about what?

Think about what you really want to accomplish online.

Think about all that is involved in making that goal a reality.

Think about who really wants your products.

There are a lot of people who might “like” what you have to offer, but they will never, ever invest $3000 into buying a pet.

So stop working so hard to collect more Facebook likes.  Instead, spend some time answering the questions that are in the free download below this post.

Then think about how your answers to these questions create a shift from useless doing into more targeted and bottom line oriented actions.

Online Marketing Mistake #2:  Needs vs. Wants

Another big online marketing mistake is to assume that if someone “needs” your product, then they must be in the market for it.

Wrong. Wrong.  And more Wrong.

What’s the difference between WANT and NEED?

People need to survive.  They then need to be housed, feed and clothed.   From there, they need safety and security.  As they work up the ladder of Maslow’s Needs, they begin to need satisfaction in love, self-esteem and self-actualization, all of which can be satisfied in a variety of forms.

Look really hard at the chart below.  Is something missing?

Do you see your product listed as a need?  As an example, do you see “purebred dogs” as a need?  I sure don’t.

maslows hierarchy of needs online marketing mistakes

Your product may satisfy or fill a need, but to get the customer to BUY your product, they have to WANT it and they have to WANT it from YOU.  They have to associate your product with the ability to fill some craving, some desire in them (need).

Your job is to identify the craving, the desire.  Identify what they WANT and explain how your product satisfies that WANT.

It is never about the inner workings of your product.  It is always about how the customer will feel once they have your hot product in their hands, once they begin to use it.

Let’s take our dog breeder example.

People don’t WANT to spend $3000 for a dog.  They may, however, WANT to spend $3000 on a purebred dog that infers a level of prestige and status.

Or they may WANT a hobby and are seriously considering breeding or showing dogs. Buying a dog with a strong pedigree will help them get into the winner’s circle faster.

Or they may WANT a companion and feel that this particular breed – its size, its demeanor, etc., really fits their WANTS better than an adorable mutt from the shelter.

Your job is to focus on your customers’ WANTS and not the fact that the dog has a tail, two ears and stands on all fours.

In the workbook below, you will find a space to write down the 3 key features of your product.  Next to each of these features, write down what these features deliver in terms of feelings, satisfaction to its users. Then review your communications.

Are you trying to sell needs or fill wants?

Online Marketing Mistake #3:  Talking to disengaged Masses versus the engaged Individual

Many business owners imagine all customers are the same.  So they speak to them as if they are…well, clones of one another.

The reality is that if you saw all of your customers in a room, you would see they don’t look anything alike.  In fact, they are very different from one another.

They are motivated to take action differently.  They respond to different stimulus.  They see and hear things different from one another.




Treat them the same and they will ignore you.

Treat them like you really understand them as the individuals they are and  they will pay attention to you.

Your job is to get to know them like the individuals they are.

The Remedy Workbook  will help you get a handle on which group of customers deserves your focused attention and how to see them as individuals.

There you are – the 3 biggest mistakes you can make in your online marketing efforts.

Click on the image of the Remedy Workbook to the 3 Online Marketing Mistakes below to request your copy and get crackin’.

Remedy Workbook Cover

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