7 Online Marketing Insights for 2014 – Infographic

How Will 2014 be Different?  Online Marketing 2014 Trends

Many business owners find marketing, in general and specifically online marketing, frustrating.

It is always in a state of flux.  Once you think you have it nailed down, something new happens.

Others find this quicksilver aspect exciting as it presents new marketing opportunities that may not have existed before.

The consistent theme for both groups of business owners is that the marketing process is always evolving and so should your marketing if you want to be successful.

To do this you need to be alert to changes on the horizon.  We all need to figure out which way the winds are blowing and create plans to work with those trends.

What better time to do that than just before a New Year?

What are the Online Marketing trends?

I came across this juicy infographic from Web DAM Solutions that highlights the most important trends that will impact 2014. No doubt there will be more information in the next few months and new twists and turns in 2014.  But it is a good start.

I’ve highlighted the biggies and have added my thoughts as to how you can use this information in plotting your course for 2014.

1.  Crowded marketplace

In a word, social media is going to get very crowded.  There will be more money, more muscle, more players online than ever before.

Online marketing budgets are expected to increase.  Social media budgets are expected to double over the next 5 years and internet advertising expected to represent 25% of ad budget by 2015.

This increase is being driven by the fact that leads, clients and customers are being discovered on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Food for thought: 

  • Trends suggest levels of online marketing engagement will need to be increased just to maintain ground and not get lost in the crowd.
  • More players also increase the need for highly tuned audience targeting.  Talking to everyone will be ineffective.  Having a specific message for very select audiences will deliver bigger results.
  • This increase in activity will also require more organization in for the form of editorial calendars, image creation, automation tools for scheduling, etc.  All will have to be employed to keep a steady stream of content flowing.
2. Old Products continue to work

Email remains an effective online marketing tool and, simple social media share buttons increases CTRs (click-through-rates) over 150%.Online Marketing - Shareable Content

Food for thought:

  • Creating email marketing campaigns with more ‘shareable’ content and the ability to easily share will help increase your reach.
  • Creating more shareable content for all of your online marketing channels is a really good thing.
3.  More Eye-candy Content

Sixty-five percent (65%) of viewers are visual learners.  Eye-candy visuals already capture more than a fair share of likes, comments and shares while videos increase conversion rates.  All will increase in 2014.

Food for thought:

4. SEO will continue as a key factor

A full third, 33%, of organic search goes to those in the first position.  That’s pretty amazing.

We all know Google / Google+ are not going to disappear.  If anything, Google is going to continue to strengthen the ties across all of its product offerings and put increased emphasis on +1 recommendation and G+ participation in search.

Food for thought:

  • If you’re not already active in G+, you need to seriously consider how to add it in your online marketing strategy.
  • Make certain you are optimizing all of the Google tools such as authorship markup, Google+ Local listings, Maps, etc.  Every itty bit will help with the new and upcoming trends in SEO. 
5.  Events are an effective B2B strategy

Sixty-seven percent, (67%), of B2B content marketers are finding events to be a very effective marketing tactic.

Food for thought:

  • If you are B2B, are ‘events’ included in your marketing efforts?
  • If not B2b, how could this strategy work for your business?
6.  Ad costs will increase

Seventy-two percent, (72%), of PPC marketers plan to increase expenditures in 2014.

Food for thought:

  • As demand increases so will the costs of PPC, Facebook and other online ad resources. What strategies can you use to optimize your online advertising expenditures?
7.  Customer Testimonials more important than ever

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at eighty-nine percent (89%).

We also know that social media networks are the new and most trusted referral resource out there for almost 9 out of 10 – far more than advertising.

Food for thought:

  • What strategies do you have in place to collect and utilize customer testimonials, +1 recommendations and/or positive Yelp reviews to add to the credibility of your business?

Your Turn

What do you think these trends tell you about 2014?

What did I overlook?

Specifically, how will these trends impact your business?

You should share your thoughts in the comments section below.

While you’re at it, go ahead and share the infographic below with your audiences. They’ll thank you.  Just put your mouse over the infographic and you can immediately share it.

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Online Marketing - Trends for 2014 InfoGraphic




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