Online Marketing Innovation

There Is More To Online Marketing Than Posting, Tweeting and Updating

Online Marketing Innovation

What else can there be?  Try online marketing innovation.

Before I share with you a few ideas I discovered, it is probably wise to confront one of the loudest mental arguments you will be playing in your head.

The one argument that always pops up is:

That’s fine for them, but it won’t work for my business. 

Here’s the thing about innovation.  It is everywhere.  You walk by it, touch it, see it almost every minute of every day.  The possibility of taking a “thing” and adapting it to fit a particular business need is absolutely everywhere.   It isn’t about who or what industry is using it.  Rather, it is about how you can adapt that idea to fit your business and your audience’s needs.

Thousands of ideas and processes we take for granted today were simple ideas transformed to fit a particular industry need.  As an example, Henry Ford didn’t create the assembly line out of thin air.  He stole it from the meat industry when he saw how they slaughtered and processed meat.  Not only did Henry’s idea transform his business, it is still with us today in many other industries.

So when you take a look at these ideas, I want you to silence the internal naysayer and open your mind to the online marketing possibilities that these innovative ideas represent.

How can you adapt these ideas to step-up your online marketing efforts?

Online Marketing Innovation At Work

This is a post from nextrends in San Francisco and features 7 innovative ways Universities are using social media to create an online marketing buzz about their universities.  As you walk through these ideas, ask yourself how you might be able to adapt these ideas to fit your brand, your audience.

  1. Universities tapping into the power of Pinterest – With the increased emphasis online of photos Pinterest becomes an easy choice.  Plus it is super easy to implement and can create high user engagement.
  2. University of Nevada at Reno is using Facebook Profiles as living history of students who attended the school in 1910.
  3. University Presidents are ggetting involved on Twitter.  A find example is the University President of Ohio State, E. Gordon Gee. 
  4. To present the unfiltered version of campus life, university students are creating their own university blog.
  5. Stanford decided to move office hours for professors to Facebook.  Announcements of the professor’s hours are made, Online Marketing Innovation Stanford Universitystudents are asked for questions and then a video of the professor answering the questions is posted to Facebook.
  6. Many Universities are using an online game called SCVNGR (pronounced “scavenger”) as a tool to introduce new and prospective students to explore the campus.  Think new twist on the old fashioned scavenger hunt.
  7. Food has a big role for students and Boston University’s Dining Services is optimizing that role through its use of social media.  It is active on Foursquare, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts where they interact with students.  Students can earn all sorts of food related badges on Foursquare and those into photography can participate in an online contest.

To find out more about these ideas, you can visit 7 Ways US Universities Use Social Media.

Okay.  How many ideas did you come up with?  Share them in the space below.

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