Online Marketing Messages Through Cake

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Online Marketing Through Cake

The saying:  “Let them eat cake” has long been attributed to Marie Antoinette.  Apparently Marie didn’t actually utter these words, although if she were alive today and witnessed the insatiable appetite of social media for a continuous, non-stop consumption of online marketing messages, she might.

But blasting your audience with a lot of messages is not really the same as true communications.  True communications has a certain mouth watering, eye popping magic about them.

Crafting such messages doesn’t come easy for a lot of us.  But I have three tips to help you increase your chances of making your online messages as tempting and scrumptious as cake.

1.  Complete Online Marketing Messages Includes Eggs

Often online messages are dry, lumpy and incomplete.  They read a lot like where the baker forgot to put in the eggs. Here are the three necessary components for crafting a tempting message.

  • Addresses a specific audience
  • Presents a benefit/solution to a specific problem the audience wants solved
  • Asks the audience to take action

Specificity is key.  Why?

Without specificity, you’re using a rusty old mixer spraying cake batter hither and yon.  Maybe you’ll hit someone, but chances are pretty high you won’t hit those who could most benefit from your product.  Even if you do hit them, who wants to eat unbaked cake batter?

When you are specific in your messages, you’re measuring all of the ingredients twice to make certain they blend together just right to create the ideal taste and consistency.  You’re aiming precisely at a particular person who really can’t resist your cake and giving them all of the reasons they need to take a desired action – to consider, to taste, to buy a piece of your cake. This approach is far more effective.

2.  Different Layers of Online Marketing Messages

You can make a one layer basic cake or you can step it up a notch by putting together a multilayer cake that stands out from the crowd.  There are different types of layers – er’ – messages to send your audience.  And it is through your understanding of how to combine these messages that will yield a cake masterpiece.

Here are the typical online marketing messages that are sent,

  • Positioning of you, your business
  • Supportive messages of your claimed positioning
  • Product specific messages

The thinking goes:

“They don’t know about me or how great my products are.

Gotta tell them so they’ll come in and buy.” 

Reality check!

Your audience doesn’t really care about these messages – at least not initially. They aren’t seduced by communications about you or your products.

What draws them into your cake of goodies is the top coat, the icing, the cake decoration. It’s human Online Marketing Messages and Cake behavior.  We’re always attracted to the icing.  Like bees to honey.

What type of messages represent the icing?

Value added messages.  Messages where you share your knowledge, your expertise, that demonstrate a caring for your customers.

Messages where you offer samplings of what your product can deliver.

You want to craft communications that say “you need to know” or “you deserve” instead of “I’m such hot stuff you gotta get my stuff”.

Make these messages the centerpiece and it will draw your audience to your cake.

3.  Adding the Fondant Factor to Your Online Marketing Messages

Up to this point, crafting online marketing messages has been pretty direct. Just follow the recipe.

But how does one go about adding that creative o-la-la icing factor, the rich rolled fondant that pushes your cake out of the grocery store category and into a piece of bakery art?  This is where it gets more creative.

There are four factors that can turn your online messages into a piece of irresistible cake-y goodness.

  • Comprehension – What does the message instantly communicate to its readers?  Can the audience play the message back and do they understand it?  Keeping your messages simple and clear aids comprehension as does the use of repetition to drive the message home.
  • Connection – Does the message hold meaning for the audience?  Does it trigger an emotional response:  joy, excitement, passion, frustration, etc.?  Making the right emotional connections is what ignites new behaviors and actions.
  • Credibility – Will the audience believe the message given the source?  If not, it will fall on deaf ears.
  • Contagiousness – Is there an energy, a newness, a uniqueness about your message that will make them want to share it with their online networks?  The goal is to get your audience to ‘share’ your cake with others.

These four factors are  what has been referred to as the 4Cs exercise that many communications experts use to gauge the compelling quality of their ads, messages, speeches, presentations, promotions, etc.  It works for cakes as well.

There you have it.  Three ways to turn your online marketing messages into compelling, eye-popping cakes of delight.

Have I overlooked any critical ingredients?  Will this check list help you in creating your online marketing messages?  Leave your comments below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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