Tech Savvy – What To Do If You’re Not

Do You Lack Online Tech Savvy Skills? 

Tech Savvy Frustration

Tech Savvy Frustration

When you’re trying to do your own online marketing, do you feel like you aren’t sufficiently tech savvy?  Does it feel like you’re trying to eat nails?

Oh sure, there are those blessed with natural talents in all that is technology, CSS, Java, HTML, all things Google, social media,  and the ins and outs of websites,  but that is not the lion’s share of us.

Most of us have to climb the learning curve on our own.  In the process, it can feel daunting and lonely.  It feels like we’re the only one that just doesn’t “get it”.

Recognize you have a lot of company.   In fact, Information Week recently reported that many companies are blending IT skills into their marketing staffing because many in marketing are unaware of the technical aspects of running an online campaign.  They need help too.

Achieving a level of online proficiency is necessary in this day of online marketing.  Many of what used to be considered tech savvy skills have become ‘old hat’ in online marketing corners.

The good news is that gaining your tech savvy chops is very doable.  And once you are on the other side of that learning curve, you’ll find there will be something new to learn.  But this time the learning will come easier.  It is how life is online.  One is never done learning.

What happens, all too often, is that a business owner bumps into a technical problem and just gives up.

What needs to happen is that the business owner needs to take the next step and find a solution to their problem.

Here are three steps to help you spit out those nails and figure out how to do your online marketing with some degree of ease and speed.

Step 1.  Make a list of the base level of tech savvy tasks you need to learn.  These might include:

  • some basic SEO knowledge to optimize social media profiles and website pages
  • create social media profiles
  • schedule social media posts to optimize the best viewership
  • create simple graphics without extra software
  • update a website page
  • create an email opt-in for your website
  • submit press releases online
  • upload a video to website or to your YouTube account
  • shorten a URL
  • run a webinar
  • create a podcast
  • understand how to measure website or email performance
Step 2.  Match-up each of the base tech skills you want and need with the following 11 resources.  Resources:
  • Hosting Service – For website related issues, check out the videos and tutorials provided by your hosting service.  Often the support staff can provide you with a quick answer to your question.
  • Email Service Providers – For email issues such as opt-in forms, analysis of results, etc., tap into your email service providers’ tutorials and support staff.  It is their business to keep you happy and satisfied.
  • YouTube – Use YouTube to find the answer to your question about almost anything.  There is so much YouTube material, it is difficult to imagine someone who hasn’t covered your particular problem, be it a website, social media, or any aspect of online marketing.
  • Social Media Platforms – For questions concerning the various social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.), visit the Help and Forum sections and search for a solution to your problem.
  • PowerPoint or Keynote – For simple graphic needs, check out Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote.  Both have a library of shapes that can easily turned into graphics suitable for a website, a blog post or social media.
  • Vendor Support – Any reputable vendor you are using to create videos, webinars, podcasts, etc., provides tech support.  You just have to tap into it and use it.
  • Google It – As was mentioned earlier, it is rare that someone hasn’t addressed almost every technical issue under the sun and written about it.  You’ll find it in a Google search.
  • Network – Ask your staff and/or business peers for a solution.  Chances are they’ve had a similar experience and they’ll be happy to share their solution.
  • Books – Check out Amazon for free or paid books as well as your local library to find books covering the tech topic in question.
  • Outside Instruction – Hire a mentor or virtual assistant to instruct and train you.
  • Classes – Consider educating yourself through in-person or online classes so you’ll better understand the online world.

Step 3 – Take action.  Whichever resource(s) you select, you will eventually have to earn your tech savvy chops through doing.  It is what we all do and it is what you will have to as well.

The more familiar you become with the tech savvy world, the less intimidating it is.  Honest.

Almost forgot.

To ensure you have absolutely no more excuses, you also have two other resources.  Feel free to contact me with your tech savvy question or list it below in the comments section and I will be happy to answer it for you.  If I can’t, I’ll find a resource that can.

So, what are some your online marketing technology stumbling blocks?


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