Online Marketing: Learn the Top 2014 Trends in 2 Minutes from JWT

Impacts on your 2014 Online Marketing?

JWT Intelligence, is the research arm of JWT, an international advertising agency.  It does some great research in their efforts to create world Online Marketing - JWT Trendsclass marketing and advertising for their clients.  Understandably, they save that research for their paying clients. Or, they’re happy to sell it to you and me for $350.

I know most of you aren’t going to pony up $350 for some research, BUT you may spend 2 minutes watching a slick YouTube that outlines the 10 major trends that this research identified.

You’ll want to think of how these trends might present you with opportunities in your online marketing efforts for the coming year.

2014 Will Bring Some Technology Push Back

One of the most interesting trend that is identified is the push AND pull of technology.  The video talks about how we will become demanding as brands continue to use technology to respond ever faster.  Yet, we will also begin to become more and more suspect and questioning of the role technology is playing in our lives.

This isn’t to say we’ll be tossing our iPhones or Androids in the river any time soon.

But we may begin to see our society pull back a bit and distance itself from technology where possible.  And, that’s getting to be more and more difficult these days.

That’s what I found interesting in these top 10 trends.

Let me know which trends you found most interesting and how these trends might impact your 2014 marketing efforts.



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