Warning: Social Media Changes 2015 will Impact Your Marketing

Before Social Media Changes 2015

Social Media Changes 2015

For a long time, I and many others, including social media gurus, have encouraged business owners to use their website as their primary Hub and not to depend upon Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

The thinking behind this strategy is you own your website.  You control your website.  You control your blog.

When you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or any of the other various social media platforms, you’re a visitor, a renter, a lodger.  These social media platforms change the rules whenever they want.  Prime example is Facebook’s move from free to paid fan viewership.

Another key reason for having a content rich website (read as “fresh blog posts”) as your Hub is you can benefit from search engine traffic.

The average business website receives around 70% of its traffic from search engines – namely Google – and not from social media.

Some business owners paid attention.  Others ignored this advice.

After Social Media Changes

For some time, Facebook has been giving more juice to posts posted direct to Facebook and not through 3rd parties.  Not long ago, Facebook and LinkedIn made changes in the algorithms.  Facebook also introduced Instant Articles.

The essence of these changes is that these platforms want to increase “dwell time” or the length of time people spend on the respective platform.

Translation:  Facebook and LinkedIn want to be your Hub.

This may be great for the consumer.

It certainly is good for Facebook and LinkedIn.

But this shift may not be so fine for you, the marketer.


Nothing has changed for you. You are still a visitor, a renter, a lodger.  You control nothing – absolutely nothing – on any of these platforms.

These social media changes represent a big shift in how you will do online marketing in the future.

It will require more marketing creativity and strategic thinking on your part.

Here are just a few areas for you to consider:

  • Smarter search engine optimization to ratchet up search engine traffic
  • More disciplined targeting and niching with an emphasis on quality not quantity
  • More opportunistic marketing (think news jacking)
  • Strategic partnerships and joint ventures
  • Paid and/or borrowed (e.g. other blogs and websites) media strategies
  • More, not less, engagement

The outcomes of these changes are unclear at this stage.  Like most things online, they will evolve and move you in one direction or another.

Your job is to stay on YOUR course and not that of Facebook or LinkedIn.

Your job is to stay with YOUR audience and move them to become YOUR customers.


You will find more information on Instant Articles from HubSpot – one against and one for Instant Articles.

Here is more information on Facebook and dwell time from Mark Schaefer of {grow}.


Your Turn

How do you think these social media changes will impact your online marketing or will they?    Share your thoughts below.

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