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Is Green Marketing For Your Company?

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This coming Sunday, April 22, 2012, will represent Earth Day, which started in 1970.  Shortly after the first Earth Day, US Congress passed the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.  That was when Congress worked.  That was when there were a lot of people willing to push the green forward.

The Earth Day ‘movement’ has ebbed and flowed over the years, but it has never disappeared.  In part, the continuous, non-stop flow of one man-made disaster after another have acted as ugly reminders that the job of caring for the earth is not done and may never be.

While governments and legislators hem and haw, what started as a movement has become more about marketing, green marketing.  Corporate America began to connect the dots and understand that being green can also be good for the company’s bottom line.  Companies recognize consumers are voting for and supporting their greenness through their purchases.

The savvy buyer wants to know that the products and services they choose to purchase and use, supports companies that have a similar ethos as they do.  They prefer to put their dollars with companies that genuinely…

  • care about the environment.
  • care about the after life of their products.
  • care about the rights and conditions of workers manufacturing US products in foreign countries.
  • care about the water, forest and land used to produced a product for consumption.
  • care about others less fortunate.

This is why there will be many companies using the upcoming Earth Day as a green marketing ploy saying “Hey, look at me.  I’m green too!”  But some of these companies will ignore the operative word, which is ‘genuinely’ care.  Supporting a ‘green earth’ is a good thing, but don’t for one second think consumers don’t know which companies are genuine in their green efforts and which are simply using the occasion as another promotional opportunity.

If you want to associate your business with green marketing efforts in your community, your state or on a national or global level, know you have to be genuine and committed to that marketing.  Consumers can tell which companies are being marketing savvy and which really have the fortitude to stand behind a green effort.  You can’t fool them, so don’t even try.

Regardless about how you feel about green marketing promotions, you may want to check out the Earth Day Network efforts in the video below.  EDN wants to create a movement where there area a Billion acts of Green.  Perhaps you can help?  Why not Two Billion?

Happy Earth Day!


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