29 Plus Pinterest Tips – How To Be More Pinnable (Infographic)

How Pinterest Can Work For Your Business

The following Pinterest infographic from Pinnable Business presents you with 20 Tips on how you can make your business more pinnable (yes, “pinnable” is a word, or at least it is now).

Of the twenty tips, there are two you need to pay attention to if you’re serious about Pinterest.

1.  SEO still plays a serious role in pinning as Google is picking up Pinterest activity in search results.  This means that you need to use rich keywords in your descriptions.  None of the this “Ahhh, ain’t this cute” stuff.

2.  After you’ve uploaded an image, double check and make certain it has the url address included.  Pinterest does not automatically add the link.  So you need to.

What if your business isn’t exactly pinnable? 

I don’t believe it.  Every business has something visual to sell.  Here are a nine plus additional Pinterest tips to get you over the image hurdle.

  1. Do quotes.  No, I’m not talking about a price quote, but rather, some combination of words that have some oomph.  Think inspirational.  Think industry slang.  Think testimonials from your customers.  Use Pin A Quote to create the pin and use hot keywords to label your new Pinterest board to house your quotes.
  2. Do videos.  What of?  Videos of your staff.  Videos of you talking about your products or services. Videos of your very special customers singing your praise.  Videos of your products in action.  Videos of before and after illustrations of your work and the list goes on.
  3. Do  a powerful graph showing the benefits of your product or service (e.g. how much time or dollars saved, etc.).  Put it in a graphic (PowerPoint or Pin A quote) and pin it.
  4. Pin FAQs.  Make a list of the most commonly asked questions from your clients or customers along with your answers and use Pin A Quote to turn it into a graphic.
  5. Pin photos from your local community – your favorite coffee house; your office or store; some of your favorite spots around town.
  6. Pin the headline of your blog post to encourage people to find out more.
  7. Pin photos of the smiles from your very pleased clients or customers.
  8. Pin photos of a local area event (e.g. farmer’s market, parade, track event, etc.).
  9. Make a David Letterman list of the top ten reasons why people want your products or services.

These ideas should get the little gray cells working and you can probably add seven more to the list.

Go and create some Pinterest!

P.S.  If you need to enlarge the infographic in order to read, there is a link below.  And if you found any of these tips or ideas helpful, be sure to tell me in the comments section below.  Oh, and don’t forget to pin and share this infographic.


PIO – Pinterest Image Optimization – An infographic by the Pinterest Marketing team at Pinnable Business.

Click here to see enlarged version


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