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The business community has been respectfully suspicious of social media, some for a very long time.

Deep pocket corporations could afford to play around with social media in the early days thanks to persistent Marketing executives.  As a direct result of that persistence, along with big doses of experimentation, many such companies have grown to realize social media is a friend to their bottom line and not a waste of time.

But a lot of small business owners and many with brick and mortar outlets have resisted social media and continue to. They have ignored social media thinking it all too bizarre that they could capture the attention of their audience or actually generate sales on something as frivolous as Facebook or Twitter.  How could that be? Besides…

“I’ve got too much real work to do.  I don’t have time to bother with social media.”

Perhaps the recent research results from the Social Media Examiner could change your mind.

This research shows that of a sample of 3,000 businesses, 89% – almost nine of ten – said that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their business.

And those who have put in the time to do social media on a consistent basis – as little as 6 hours a week in many cases – reported achieving varying degrees of success in:

  • improved sales
  • generated leads
  • created new business partnerships
  • reduced marketing expenses
  • improved search rankings
  • increased traffic
  • new market insights
  • more loyal fans

And most of these research results represent increases over last year’s study.

And before you think “that’s just for the big boys”, the sample for this research was representative of different sizes of businesses – small business owners (2-10 employees), self-employed (0 employees) as well as companies with 100 or more employes.

So where do you stand on Social Media?

Are you part of the 90% in this research who are investing the time to create these positive outcomes for your business?  Or are you still standing on the sidelines eating your competitor’s dust?

Here’s the thing about social media for business.  It doesn’t require a big investment. of time – 6 hours or 72 minutes a day during a 5 day work week is all.

Is 72 minutes a day worth getting increased exposure, new leads, new business relationships and ultimately more business?

Download a copy of the free research results.

Read it.  Get a picture of what you’re ignoring.

Then ask yourself:

Where is the best investment of my time to produce these types of positive results for my business? 

The next thing you should do is share this post with those you know who represent the 10% still resisting using social media in their business efforts.  They’ll appreciate it.

Wishpond, a company with a variety social media tools for marketers, created an interesting infographic of the Social Media Examiner’s study results that may help drive the point home.

Social media Infographic

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