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Is Groupon really worth it?

My answer is “no”.  Those of you who have read previous postings know I’ve been critical of Groupon and other daily deals.  Why? Because I don’t believe daily deals make good marketing sense for any small business.

After all, running a business is tough enough.  Why give away the profits to those willing to discount your products by 50% and take some more to put in their pockets?  I admit daily deals are tempting and pretty easy to implement.  But there are smarter ways to promote and market one’s business.  That’s my two cents.

Some of you may disagree.  You may have participated in such a daily deal offer and felt it really worked for your business.  If that’s true, great.

There are others of you who may be sitting on the fence and really don’t know if you should jump onto the Groupon wagon.  Well, before you do, you may want to look at the following info-graphic created by Online MBA.  It was created by reviewing a variety of sources and provides a ‘big picture’ view of the company, it’s founders, growth, criticisms as well as praise.  Yes, this data is looking at Groupon as an investment, but it also does a good job of presenting the pros and cons of Groupon’s own marketing efforts.  So, for an unbiased view, take a look. Maybe this will help you make up your mind and determine if Groupon or other daily deals make any sense for your small business.  Click on the image for a larger view of the info-graphic.

Groupon - Infographic



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