Small Business – Do You Want Your Company to be Big or Small?

Small Business Giants

Big Business or Small Business

Big Business or Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, then you naturally want your small business to be successful.  But how do you define that success?

Does this mean you want your company to be “big”?  Or would you be happier and more successful to keep your business small?

This is a serious question for all small business owners and the answer to this question can lead to very different decisions.

I came across this online interview with Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants and Inc.’s Editor at Large.  Bo has some great lessons to share about a variety of small business owners who deliberately elected to stay small to ensure their company’s long-term success.  The results were these small business owners became Giants.  Here is a short recap of the lessons he uncover among successful small business.

1.  Leadership has a clear understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve.

2.  The business  has an intimate relationship with the communities where the business resides

3.  The business has deep personal relationships with customers and with vendors.

4.  Employees comes first because they have the relationship with the customers.  Make employees happy and your customers will be happy too.

5.  Leaders are passionate about what they do and infect employees and customers with that passion.

6.  They have a sound business model that allows them to adapt to changing times and stick to it.

The point:  Small can be beautiful AND it can be successful.

I thought you might enjoy listening to this interview of Bo by Nancy Lin.  Share your thoughts about this interview and about going big or staying small in the comments section.
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  1. Thanks for linking to this interview. I think this is an important topic. I see many people starting businesses with the sole focus of making money, and that bigger is better. However, smaller companies can provide lots more freedom and flexibility.

    I think ultimately the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who focus on doing what they love and creating a business that is truly fun. If you can create a “job” that you really enjoy doing, it suddenly doesn’t become work anymore.

    • Sue: Thanks for your comments. Yes, doing what one loves is a great way to continue to be motivated in one’s entrepreneurial efforts. As long as some business and marketing discipline is incorporated as well, there should be no reason why a small business cannot thrive.


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