Small Business, Intuit Wishes – 5 Ways To Be A Santa Helper

Small Business Owners’ Wish List for Christmas

Small Business Wish List

According to a Intuit Survey among small business, the ability to ‘pay their bills’ followed by achieving some ‘business growth’ are keeping them up around this Holiday Season.

What is rather heart warming for a marketer is to see in the Intuit study is that if Santa brought them an extra $5,000, twenty-seven percent (27%) would use those dollars to strengthen their marketing efforts be that advertising and/or in an updated online marketing presence.  That’s great news to my ears.

But overall, the study results infer struggles for small business.  They’re a tough bunch and can be pretty resourceful, but it would be great to help them in whatever way possible.

Become a Local Area Santa

How might you be able to help your local area business owners this Holiday?  Here are five ways you can spread a little Santa cheer in your local community.

1.  Buy Local

Yes, you can get a discount on Amazon or a big box store for that toy your child wants, but which do you really want to support?  You local community or Amazon and its shareholders?

2.  Flash or Cash Buys

Check in your local community to see if there are any flash or cash buy organizations. These are those flash groups that appear unannounced in a store with the expressed intent to buy.  If you can’t find one in your local area, consider starting one or suggest it at your next networking event.  Toss in some local area publicity and you could be ensuring that one small business owner survives.  Don’t worry if your flash group is small.  Your small business owner will appreciate whatever business you send their way.

3.  Give Back Discount

Many are addicted to the lure of a discount.  But we often forget that a discount to us is hard dollars and cents out of the small business owner’s pocket.  It is eating away at their profits.

If you do want to cash-in the coupon or collect the discount.  Fine.  But think of how you might spend those savings on other, non-sale merchandise in the store. In other words, give back.

4.  Intuit’s Love Our Local Business campaign

Make the small business owners in your community aware of Intuit’s Love Our Local Business Program.  It is granting one wish per day, every day, through Dec. 21 and has already awarded over $1 million. All a business owner has to do is to submit their wishes for consideration at

5.  Don’t Forget Them 

Yes, much of small business profits come during the Holiday Season, making this time of year so critical.  Help create some breathing room on their balance sheet by making an effort every week or every month to support at least one or more local small business in your community.  They will appreciate it and so will your community.

Your Turn:  What other steps could you take to help the small business owners in your local community this Holiday Season?  Do you feel this is a good thing to do?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Small Business Holiday Study infographic courtesy of Intuit.
Small Businesses Wish List for the Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]
via: Small Businesses Wish Big for the Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]

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