Small Business: What They’re Talking About in DC

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The Marketing Bit is not a political site, however, it is difficult these days – an election year – not to stumble on something that has a political edge.  We thought this information would be of interest to our small business readers, so decided to share it on the blog.  Hope you find it of interest.

Implications to Small Business

Regardless of your political affiliation, if you’re a small business you may be interested to know what is currently being discussed in Washington D.C. as a lot of these issues have the potential to impact your small business.

They’re talking about some big hairy issues like tax cuts, immigrant visas, and business funding for started.  Many of these issues are being addressed by the Startup America Legislative Agenda, which President Obama proposed to Congress at the beginning of this year.

The infographic below walks you through some of the thinking process around these critical issues.  It highlights what is on the table, why it is being proposed and gives you some ideas as to how each issue could potentially impact your small business.

If need be, click on the infographic to view a larger version.

via:  Intuit
What Obama’s “Startup America” Means for Your Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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