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How to Get Up and Running on Facebook Page

I just came across a goodie that you are going to want.  But before I give you the goodie,  you need to come to a realization that if you are a small business on Main Street, an independent contractor or a medium sized manufacturer, chances are good you need a Facebook Page for your business.  Why? Because Facebook represents a huge audience that can’t simply can’t be ignored.  This audience isn’t just consumer based.  It also includes decision makers at other businesses.

If you don’t believe me, go to Facebook and check how many of your current customers have their own Facebook Page.

Here are some numbers from Facebook users you should also consider.

  • 56% are likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan
  • 76% who “Like” fewer than 10 brands
  • 51% who said they are more likely to buy a product after “liking” the product on Facebook
  • 55%  follow companies on social networks to receive general information

The ultimate question to ask yourself:  Are my customers active on Facebook?  If the answer is “Yes”, then you need to get going.

Where is the goodie I promised?  HubSpot just released a 10 Day Plan for Facebook Pages. I’ve already reviewed it and it is pretty good. It lays out some of the confusing Facebook lingo and gives some pretty explicit ideas of how you can create Facebook engagement for your business.

If you like it feel free to share your thoughts below and you most definitely should pass it along to other business owners who might be in your same boat.  If you decide to follow the plan, I’d love to hear what results you were able to achieve, so come back and share.


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