Now Both Google + and Facebook have Pages for Business

Yes, after much delay, Google + has finally opened its pages to businesses and that includes small business.

Google Plus

Google Plus

First blush tells me Google + Pages will work in a very similar way to that of Facebook.  There are a few unique Google touches, but many of the ideas are based upon what has already been proven to work for Facebook.  As an example:  One much have a personal profile to create a page and one can create multiple pages (e.g. one for brand, one for individual products, etc.). Chances are Google will utilize as much of the best practices already carved out by Facebook to make it easier for users.


The interesting part is when Google + begins leveraging some of its older products like Google Places with its Pages.  This process appears to be still a bit rough around the edges, but one does begin to see where the usage of previous Google products will begin to build this web inter-relatedness for a business entity.

For a more detailed description of how Google+ Pages will work, you should check out SearchEngineland.  They have a rather detailed walk through of the process although there are still some unresolved issues. I’ve also included some additional resources below.

For me, the real question is will you create a Google+ page for your business?  If so, why?  Do you currently have a Facebook page?  What specific role do you see a Google+ Page providing in your marketing efforts that a Facebook Page is not?

Use the space below to share your thoughts.

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