Too Passive on Social Media? An Easy Way to Become A Dynamo.

Are you too passive on Social Media?

Not certain if you are too passive on social media? Here are a few hints.Social Media - Too Passive

  • You work really hard on a blog post, publish it and wait for people to find it.  But you never share it again on social media or re-purpose the post.
  • You create a series of great product photos, post them once to Facebook and wait for people to “like” them.  But you never re-post the photos.
  • You send out one tweet or post a Facebook update about an upcoming event you’ll be speaking at and the silence is deafening. But you never generate a Facebook invite making it easy for people to sign-up
  • You find a potential prospect on LinkedIn or on Facebook.  You connect with them.  But you never take the next step. You just assume they’ll see your posts or updates.
  • You post often on your personal social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter.  But you rarely find any time for your company accounts.

Here’s the social media reality many forget.

  • You have to actively promote your blog posts and activities on social media to be seen and heard.
  • You have to be actively and consistently be engaged online to earn any attention from anyone.
  • You have to repeatedly share your great blog posts, your great photos, your event information for anyone to see it.

Social media has become a very busy world with billions of people uploading gazillion photos, updates, images, videos each and every day.

This means you have to step out from behind your blog curtain, your Facebook Page, your Twitter account and become more dynamic and systematic with those who represent your potential customers.

Yes, “potential customers”…your prospects.  While social media is crowded and becoming more so every day, the actuality is that it continues to represent a business gold mine of opportunity.

You can’t ignore social media.

In truth, you can ignore social media, but you shouldn’t.

How do you become more systematic and a dynamo on social media?    

You need a system you follow religiously that allows you to listen, connect and engage with those prospects.

Not sure how to create a system?

There are a lot of tools out there designed to help you manage your online interactions and engagement such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Crowdbooster, etc.

But many of you aren’t using these tools.

In fact, if you are honest, many of you don’t have any online interactions to manage. Right?

Well, let’s change that.

Afraid such a system will be too time-intensive?

Not so.

How to Use Social Media to Find Prospects for Shy Folks

I’ve created a free workbook that walks you through a very simple process that will help you break out of your shy, bystander mode so you can become more dynamic on social media.

The best news is that by following this simple system, you’ll be connecting and engaging with your prospects on a regular basis.

And, it won’t eat up a lot of your time.

If you focus on the one social media platform where your prospects are online, you can follow this step-by-step system in less than 30 minutes a week. Thirty minutes is an itty bitty 1.3% of your entire work week.

You can reap bigger social media rewards with higher frequency, but 30 minutes a week shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.  You probably waste more time than that each and every day standing in line at Starbucks.

What’s Included?

This simple workbook walks you through each social media platform and provides you with detailed instructions on how to:

  • get your social media account ready for new visitors
  • find your prospects and influencers on the various social media platforms
  • listen to the social media conversations
  • engage with those prospects and influencers
  • follow-through and keep those connections alive

It also includes numerous tips on how to best engage on each social media platform.

So, go ahead and download your workbook on How To Find Your Audience Using Social Media.

No sign-up is required – at the moment.

It’s simple.

It’s free.

It’s safe.

It won’t eat up a lot of time.

Best of all, it will work.

Your Turn

Why aren’t you engaging with others on social media?

What holds you back?

Share your thoughts and concerns about social media in the comments section below.

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