Social Media Anxiety

Social Media Anxiety

Social Media Anxiety

A client called today in a state of Facebook anxiety.

She has been working on getting her Facebook page published for about 3 weeks.  She took photos of merchandise she wanted to feature.  She got her logo on the page and from what she tells me the page is ready to publish.  “But it’s not ready”, she exclaims.  When I ask why, she tells me she is simply too busy with the business and other everyday life things to complete her Facebook page.

When I suggest these little hitches shouldn’t delay publishing the Facebook page and letting her current customers know about it, I heard a verbal cringe.  “It has to be perfect”, she says.

Okay. I can accept that the client
…wants everything perfect before going prime time.  We all have a touch of perfectionism in us.  We want our house to be spotless; our pets not to shed; everyday to have sunshine; and business to simply roll in.  But we all know that isn’t the way it works.  Life doesn’t just flow like warm caramel.  The reality is there are glitches in business,  days can be gray, pets shed, business brims over into life and sometimes days are just too short to get everything done and done perfectly. This is just the nature of things.

I think the social media anxiety my client is experiencing is something a lot of small business owners share.  Many are new to the social media game and there is this added sense of “I have to do it right”, when in reality one just has to get started and “right” reveals itself down the line. One finds their way in social media.

My suggestion to my client and to you if you’re one of those seeking perfection:  Perfection isn’t your goal. Your social media goal should be to connect with your audience and to do so as you would when they walk into your stores.  Share your imperfect humanity and they’ll love you for it.

If you’ve been postponing starting your Facebook page, Twitter account or Linkedin profile, tell me why in the comments section below.  I might be able to help.

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