Proof Social Media Does Deliver Customers – Infographic

Still Wondering about Social Media?

Wonder no more.  The following social media stats should send you a strong signal that it really does deliver the customers.  social media influences purchases

But just like the Lottery, you’ve got to play to win those customers. Here are some of the more meaty stats from the infographic.

  • A full 40% have purchased an item after sharing or marking it as a Favorite.
  • After marking an item as a Favorite, a full 50% of social media purchase within a week and 81% within 3 weeks.
  • 41% were online and made an impulse buy – they weren’t thinking about purchasing the product but came across it and decided to purchase.

What is also interesting is to see the roles each of the social media platforms play.  For example, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are almost equal in their abilities to influence a purchase decision.  Of course, this will vary by audience.  Business professionals seeking information on business related products are going to favor LinkedIn over other platforms.

This infographic below confirms that consumers don’t change their buying behavior simply because they are online.  Some will continue to be impulse buyers while others will depend on social media referrals and reviews.

Research doesn’t mean much if you don’t use it.

Study this information in the infographic.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you’re spending your online marketing efforts on the best social media platforms for your business
  • How might your social media posts better capitalize on the variety of online buyers?
  • How can you encourage your online communities to favorite and share your posts?

Share your answers and thoughts about how you’ll be using this information in the comments section.
How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions – Statistics And Trends

Infographic by- Invesp


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