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Social Media Engagement – How does it work?

You know how it is online.  I came across this very informative infographic which led me to some interesting marketing research.  I knew I had to share both with you,

First the research.  Napkin Labs, a Facebook app developer, conducted a study recently that determined, on average, just 6% of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook Page via likes, comments, polls and other means.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us on Facebook.  We’ve all wondered why we weren’t reaching all of our Facebook fans.

But this study provides some interesting and new information about how interaction and Facebook engagement happens.

Key Highlights of the Napkin Labs’ Research

  • Having more likes doesn’t necessarily lead to more Facebook engagement.  In fact, the more fans, the lower the percentage of ‘engaged’ fans.
  • What drives Facebook engagement?  Super Fans! Engagement of the 20 most engaged fans, or super fans, is the equivalent to that of 75 average fans.
  • Super fans also tend to get more likes and comments on their posts than an average fan, which helps drive up Facebook engagement for those pages of which they are fans.

What does this research mean? 

  • Go beyond the numbers of likes and start concentrating on the behaviors of existing fans.
  • Identify your super fans or your core Facebook audience and give them the attention they deserve.
What other steps can you take? 

This is where the infographic comes in.

Mike Lewis is coming out with a book on November 9th: Stand Out Social Marketing: How to Rise Above the Noise, Differentiate Your Brand, and Build an Outstanding Online Presence.

Mike, a.k.a. BostonMike on Twitter, also created an infographic identifying six steps to help you stand out, differentiate your social media presence and cut through the noise.

Take a look and see which of these 6 steps you should be taking to get your social media engagement up.

What other steps might you suggest to pump up your social media engagement? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Social Media Marketing - How To Stand Out

You can find out more about Napkin Labs research here.

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