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I just came across this research on how business is using social media marketing the other day and thought it may be helpful to those of you who are still wondering if social media makes sense for business purposes.  I also included an infographic describing the impact of social media on the world of marketing. The exact numbers seem a little dated, but the growing impact of social media on marketing is only getting stronger.   Click on the infographic to enlarge.

In August of 2011 Zoomerang did a survey titled:  Marketing in a Digital World.  It surveyed decision-makers in U.S. businesses with less than 1,000 employees and their social media marketing efforts as well as consumers to understand their use of social media, particularly Facebook as a means to interact.

The study objective was to gain an understanding of how small to medium sized businesses (referred to as SMBs) are using social media marketing for business purposes.  As important was to determine how consumers are using social media to interact with businesses.

A total of 1180 SMB decision makers (e.g. founders, managers, etc.) and 500 consumers completed the Zoomerang survey providing insight into their social media use, Facebook preferences and how each segment uses these tools to interact for business purposes.

Key Social Media Marketing Study Highlights 

  • Nearly half of the surveyed SMBs utilize social media marketing to reach customers; of those, an overwhelming majority (86%) have Facebook accounts
  • The top three favorite features by both SMBs and consumers are photos, messages and status updates
  • According to surveyed SMBs and consumers, the most effective tactics for businesses to reach customers are wall posts and direct messages
  • Of SMBs and consumers who use daily deal sites, Groupon is the most frequently used. Yet, nearly half of surveyed consumers believe Facebook is more effective than daily deal sites
  • The top three reasons SMBs use social media networks are: connecting with customers, visibility and self-promotion. Consumers primarily connect with businesses on Facebook due to personal interest and for exclusive offers
  • The top three things businesses want to know from customers via Facebook are: customer satisfaction with products/services, customer satisfaction with service provided, and ideas for new business promotions

You can get a copy of the entire research, which is pretty interesting.

Once you’ve had a chance to review, feel free to post any comments about the social media marketing research below.  Or pass this post along to others you think who would find it interesting.

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