Social Media Marketing Getting A Set Of Abs in 2013 – Infographic

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2013

As you’re sipping your eggnog this weekend while thinking you need to visit the gym, it may be helpful to consider some of the Social Media marketing 2013trends in social media marketing and how they may impact your efforts.

Twin Engine created an infographic highlighting 13 clear trends for social media marketing in 2013.

Basically, it shows that social media marketing is growing up – it is getting and being taken more serious – it is building some muscle.  There are three major contributors fueling these trends – the consumer, companies and the social media platforms.  All three are evolving and painting a new landscape for next year and the years to follow.   Here are but a few.

Heighten Consumer Savvy

The consumer is no longer passive.  The consumer is using his/her power in the marketplace and it is being felt.

They are becoming the marketers.

They place more credibility in word of mouth recommendations from social media connections than in paid advertising.

They demand more responsiveness from companies and are willing to share their positive and negative experiences with all.  Many also place an increasing emphasis on corporations doing and supporting “good” deeds.

The Consumer no longer assumes.  Instead, they use the online tools available to research, study, review, poll social media contacts and make decisions BEFORE contact with the company in question.  Studies show sixty percent (60%) of B2B purchasers have already made their buying decision before contacting the company and 10.4 sources of information are reviewed before consumers visit a consumer store.

Natural Maturing of Social Media Platforms 

Each of the major platforms are continuing to acquire and develop added hooks to hold-on to its base and strengthening their position in our lives.  Through their maturing process, each are finding their natural niche – the thing they do best.  Facebook adding Gifts.  LinkedIn evolving from an HR well of talent to a B2B brand hangout.  Twitter as the instantaneous newsroom.  Google+ leveraging its dominance in search.  All will continue to evolve as illustrated in the infographic below.

Corporate Is Finally Willing To Take Social Media Marketing Seriously

C-Level is beginning to accept the importance of building brand equity online and through social media.  Data is guiding that acceptance and leading the way to more strategic online marketing efforts.

Next year promises to be an interesting one.

I can’t wait.  You?  What other trends do you see in 2013?

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Social Media Marketing - 2013 - Infographic


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