Social Media Razzle Dazzelers Are Alive And Well – Video

Beware of Social Media Flimflam

Have you been razzled  by some supposed social media gurus hustling their social media or online marketinSocial Media - Razzle Dazzleg wares?

Maybe one or two?  Perhaps more?  Or perhaps you fell victim like my new friend Peter did.

Did they get you to buy their product by some technological or internet hocus pocus?  

If you have been razzled and bedazzled, don’t feel bad.  It’s happened to the best of us.

Nor should you cynically assume everyone online is just an updated version of Billy Flynn – the hustlin’ lawyer in the musical Chicago.  It’s not so.  There are some really legit and respectable folks out there.  Here’s a few that come to mind…

Each has their own area of expertise.  They’ve worked hard over the years for their well deserved reputations and have been some of the earliest adopters of social media.

But just like any other industry, there are plenty of Billy Flynn’s who pretend to be Internet Marketing or Social Media gurus and they’re not. Many don’t know the first thing about ‘marketing’, are learning on your dime and have no clue how to use social media to build an online audience that will ultimately become customers.

How can you tell when you’ve come across a razzle dazzler?

Well, I have some experience with big bamboozlers.  I lived in  Chicago for 25 years – a great city with over the top music, fantastic food and great people.  But one never had to look far for someone blowin’ hot air.

Here are a few pointers.

1.  Product built around trickery

Their product offerings represent a lot of flash and fanfare, but in the end they’re just internet tricks, hacks or ploys to trick Google or to trick your website visitors or subscribers.

You don’t need hacks and tricks.

You want and need tools that will deliver the BIG picture and not just a tiny sliver of it.  So look for products that are comprehensive – have a beginning (planning), middle (preparation and implementation) and end (monitoring).

2.  Focus is on quantity not quality

Flimflammers concentrate on words and phrases with sequins like

“tens of thousands of subscribers in the blink of an eye”.

The reality is it is not about capturing thousands of email subscribers or Facebook fans.

It is about building relationships with those social media fans and subscribers you already have.  You do this by offering consistent value week after week, until they know, like and trust you.  This will produce  a lot more in sales then talking to thousands of strangers who couldn’t care less.

3.  Over promises results

Social media and internet marketing wannabes often use lots of flash – fancy cars and home references – to infer credibility and how they finally hit “six or seven figures”.

Yes, there are people who earn a lot of money online, but their success wasn’t as a result of one or two products.  It was the result of a solid plan, consistent action and the right tools.

Like Beverly Sills once explained:

There are no short-cuts to any place worth going. 

4.  No run times of videos or podcasts

This is becoming a personal irritant.

They don’t tell you the run times because they know we don’t want to spend our time being “sold to” or listening to a bunch of folks entertaining or complimenting themselves.

To my mind, the lack of a run time is clear sign the presenters don’t a) respect your time and b) whatever they have to say is going to eat up more time than it should.  If it can’t be said in 20 minutes, it’s not worth saying.

Save your precious time and skip it.

5.  Relentlessly selling

Razzle dazzlers like to use the old fool and fracture ’em technique.  Example:  You think you’re signing up for a great ebook, when in fact you’ve just signed-up to be hustled six more times to buy additional  products BEFORE they’ve delivered the mediocre ebook they bought as PLR (Private Label Rights).

It’s referred to as the “up sale”.  I refer to it as the obnoxious “how dumb do you think I am” attack.

To make matters worse, they feel obligated to send you email day after mind-numbing day trying to sell you more things.

Run and hide when you see this technique being used.  These folks aren’t marketers.  They’re abusers.

Those are my five.  As soon as I end this post, I’m certain to think of 5 more.

Social Media Bottom Line

Don’t let the Billy Flynn’s make you cynical of online marketing.  There are many good and reputable resources online.  Find them and stay with them.

Avoid the razzle dazzlers.

What did I miss?  What razzle dazzle techniques have you experienced?  Share them down below.

I couldn’t resist including the video from Chicago, the movie version of Razzle Dazzle.  Enjoy.

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