Social Media: Rise and Fall Of Internet Giants – Infographic

Social Media Giants or Flashes-in-the-Pan?

Everything moves pretty fast online.  As soon as you think you’ve got all of your social media ducks lined up, up pops another network.  Maybe its Pinterest or Quora or yet to be determined social media outpost.

Yes, it can be frustrating.  Yes, it can be time consuming.  Some of these social media up-starts do gain popularity and traction only to fizzle later on.  I’d dare say most of the failures due to some level of mismanagement.   Others keep growing and evolving into even bigger power houses.  Facebook is such an example.

But ignoring the social media up-starts really isn’t an option.  One needs to be smart about where their audience is hanging out and if they’re congregating at a new social media water cooler, you need to know it.

That said, the following infographic provides an interesting perspective on the various social media networks that have come and gone and those that are still hanging on.

What do you think the future holds for Facebook?  Do you think Facebook will go the way of Digg or MySpace?  What about Google+ or LinkedIn?  Which has the most staying power and why?


The Rise and Fall of Online Empires

Sheila Hibbard

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  1. It’s important to note that other internet giants like Google and Amazon have been ignored here. It’s been proved time and again that the internet firms enjoy the extended run of success when they diversify. Google, although, started off as a search engine and extended its services much beyond that. It offered free services (Gmail, Google Docs, among others) and built an eco-system (Android) where the services could be consumed thereby offering a never-before experience to its consumers.

    Same can be said of Amazon that started off as an e-commerce firm. It began offering content and has already made significant strides in building an eco-system with Kindle line of products.

    So, diversification holds the key to the future. Whether or not Facebook diversifies and holds peoples’ attention remains to be seen.

    • Anon: You raise an excellent point. Diversification can be a winning strategy for keeping the winds blowing and moving companies ahead. This is true online and offline as well. Thank you for your comments and hope to see you back here again soon.

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