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Social Media Stats

Social Media Infographic 2012

Not too long ago, Brian Honigman wrote an impressive article in the Huffington Post  giving a run down of 100 Social Media Data Statistics from 2012.  He included  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram – but not LinkedIn, which tends to be limited to B2B audiences. IStrategyLabs took some of the data and turned it into an eye-pleasing infographic.

Some of you may know the researcher in me gets rankled when an infographic uses a data mash-up from numerous sources.  The practice isn’t research kosher and it makes my head hurt.  That said, I know this is a solo and fruitless crusade. Who can ignore infographic eye-candy?

Instead, I encourage you to actually read Brian’s piece as it is far more complete than the infographic and he does list all the data resources, which is research-good of him.

You need to keep up on what is happening with social media so you can continue to fine tune your marketing efforts.  And there is some big picture knowledge to be gleaned from Brian’s more detailed article.  Here’s what it says to me.

  • Social media is continuing to expand, including Facebook.
  • Each platform seems to be holding on to its niche audience profile (e.g. Google+ with men, Pinterest with women, etc.).
  • Google+ is gaining momentum with 625,000 new members every day, holding its audience attention (average 60 minutes a day) and generating increased traffic with the +1 feature (5 million clicks per day).
  • Instagram is the new social media darlin’ with growth of 724% and an average of 4.3 hours of viewing versus 2.8 hours of viewing on Twitter.

For those who have thought that social media is a passing fad or is of little value when it comes to generating leads or sales, you should check out the social media data where:

  • 80% of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook.  Lacking a Facebook presence could be viewed as a negative in the minds of your audience, if they hang-out on Facebook.
  • 56% of customer tweets to companies are ignored.  End-users feel comfortable using Twitter as a customer service and as a communications tool to talk with companies.  Companies need to as well or risk creating negative impressions.
  • 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter – leads, which, when properly handled, can turn into sales.
  • 67% of marketers plan to use more Google+ in their efforts.   Suggesting that Google+ is beginning to be viewed as a more serious social media player.

Marketing Action

Review your audience profile and your social media activities.

Determine if you are still reaching your audience through your social media efforts.

Ask yourself, if you are where your audience expects you to be?

Determine if you are overlooking any obvious social media opportunities that might do a better job of reaching your audience.

What action are you going to take from this information about social media?

The Marketing Bit CTA

Social Media Infographic

Courtesty of IStrategyLabs and Courtney Leonard.

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