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Social media tends to focus on liking, sharing, following, connecting, etc.  But at the end of the day, the real objective is to communicate with the right folks.  Every media, including social media, has a core audience, a group that gravitates to that media.  The audience can be dominated by males, females, teens, geeks, etc.

When you know the audience profiles of the various social media, then you can:

a) select the right media to reach your audience

b) avoid wasting time hunting for your audience on social media platforms where they don’t hang out

c) develop creative and effective strategies to reach them through they’re preferred social media tool

This is one of the reasons why I am always happy to see infographics with demographics of social media users. I  bumped into this infographic from the folks at Graphic Design. Every one of the platforms depicted has been experiencing some significant growth of late.  Facebook will be reaching the billionth user soon.

The stats on Google+ don’t give a very rich profile of the users, but I’ll continue to search for more Google+ info.  I’m certain there is one out there. If you have any to share, put a link in the comments box below.

stats of top 5 social media sites


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