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Which Social Media Should I Use?

The answer to this question may seem pretty easy.  Most tell you to use the social media that your Ideal Customer uses.  That’s the only way you’ll reach them.  And that’s true.

But there are other factors to consider as well because not all social media platforms are created equal as the infographic below shows.  And chances are your audience uses more than one social media platform.  So, which should you use?

Start by considering these five factors.

  • Social media personality
  • Message environment
  • Different tools that may present an added advantage
  • Best platform to meet your objectives
  • The ‘natural crowd’ for the social media platform

Each has a unique personality and image and each delivers your message in different environments.  Which best serves you?

Google is a good example.  While it is gaining in audience, it offers you different tools to reach your audience than does Facebook, such as Google Hangouts.  It also plays a critical role in page rankings and SEO.

Facebook has the biggest audience, but the news feeds are a very crowded environment.  Plus you can only reach a small percentage of that audience and of your Facebook fans, unless you advertise.

While you may love tweeting, is Twitter is the best platform for you to send your message about a new product introduction?

And there is the undeniable fact that each platform has a ‘natural’ crowd. Pinterest, for example, is big in the decor and fashion industries, while LinkedIn is ideal for the B2B crowd.

Include these other factors in your social media strategy along with ideas on how to capitalize on your audience’s buying behavior and you’ll see better results in 2014.
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