Social Media Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight. It Requires Habit Forming Repetition

Do You Think Social Media Success Is Instantaneous?

Think again.  Many small business owners seem to have this belief that social media success should be instantaneous.

Social Media Quote:  The only place...before work is in the dictionary.


Think again.  Many small business owners seem to have this belief that social media success should be instantaneous.  If you are one who does, you will be sadly disappointed when you start social media.  One can’t just jump on to Facebook, find a 1,000 fans and create bottom line profits in a month.

The reality is one has to be willing to consistently “invest” the needed time and energy to deserve those Facebook fans, Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections.  This means creating a social media marketing plan of action and taking action every day.

This is true of all marketing efforts, including social media marketing.  There are no short-cuts, no magic code or special software that will eliminate the need to “work” at social media marketing .

It doesn’t have to be erroneous.  What matters is that you do it and that you develop the habit of doing it.  Besides, if a 9 year old in Scotland can do it, so can you.

Don’t know what you should be doing?  Need help creating your social media marketing plan? If so, send me an email and I’ll be happy to help.

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