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As I’ve said repeatedly, the first rule of effective any marketing is to know your audience.  The second online marketing rule is to know which social media platform they use.  The infographic below identifies the user profiles of the most popular social media platforms.

Before you do, allow me to complain.  The legends for age, education and income can be a bit confusing in this inforgraphic making it difficult to decipher the information.  That said, this inforgraphic is perhaps the most complete list of gender, age, income and education for the large social media sites I’ve seen to date.  The bottom line is this inforgraphic is not perfect., but being the data hound that I am, I’ll take it.   I also found some trends in the types of users across the most popular social platforms that may be of interest to you.

Social Media User Trends

1.  Niche Audiences

Pinterest is  catering to female users interested in hobbies, fashion, design heavily concentrated in the East South Central states in the U.S.  Contrast this with the young, techie-oriented male users on Google+ platform or with LinkedIn’s user profile of older professionals.  I suspect the future holds additional niche social media platforms.

2.  Usage is maturing 

Facebook and Twitter users are getting older. Forty-six percent (46%) of Facebook users and a full third (33%) of Twitter users are 45+ years of age.

Another factor this infographic identified is that over two-thirds (66%) of all adult online users report being connected to one or more social media platform and this figure has been increasing over the last decade.  As users become more familiar with various social media and the newness wears off, usage will follow established patterns.

3.  Average daily usage seems to be declining

Prior to the introduction of Google+ or Pinterest, the average time spent on Facebook was approximately 55 minutes per visit.  Daily usage per this infographic shows it is down to 23 minutes per visit.  This decline may be as a result of new platforms being introduced or it may be due to the popularity of automation tools like Hootsuite.

Most report their primary reason for using social media is to stay in touch with family and friends, however, we know business reasons drive LinkedIn’s user participation.

To make the infographic larger, click twice to expand to 100% and feel free to share your thoughts regarding the infographic data in the comments section below.

The inforgraphic was created by Online MBA and publicized by Mashable.


Social Media Demographics

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