Social Media Lessons from Mister Splashy Pants

What a Cute Whale Can Teach You about Social Media

Learning seems to be all we do anymore.  There’s are new social media platforms, new technologies, new channels, new Social Media and Humpback whaletechniques and the list goes on.

The problem, of course, is we get drug down into this myriad of “things” and we begin to take it all so seriously.

As a rule, business is serious.  Your business often represents your passion, your livelihood and you work hard to achieve some level of success.

But you need to ask yourself about the quality of the energy you’re putting into your business.

By being so serious, by not coming up for air, are you missing something?  Are you so focused on the veins of the leaves, you can’t see the trees in the much bigger forest?

You’ve accepted the positive impact social media can have in your business.  But are you using social media to make true connections, to build real relationships?  Or are you using social media to just push your wares and your agenda? Are you missing something bigger, better in the process?

Here’s a TED Talk from Alexis Ohanian, a wunderkind founder of Reddit, a social media site where members decide which stories are the most popular.

He speaks of how a humpback whale became a social media rock star.  It’s an old and funny tale that will only require about 4 minutes of your attention.  But as with old stories, the lesson learned should send you a serious and lasting message.  A message about how you might want to approach your business in creating the success you so desire.

Go ahead and watch Mister Splashy Pants!

Then share your thoughts about how you could use this idea to create some social media stir for your business?  What ideas popped into your head?  What did Mister Splashy Pants teach you?  Don’t be shy.  Share with others below.


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