Twitter Connection Leads To A Free Facebook Offer For Non-Profits

A True Twitter Story

Twitter One of my Friday tasks is to buzz through my Twitter follower feed and thank all who have opted to follow me.  Buzz Accelerator was a new follower.  As I do with all new followers, I sent them a private thank you and included them in my #FF (Follower Friday) mentions.  This process is pretty standard Twitter etiquette.

Buzz Accelerator responded and sent me a link asking if I was a non-profit.  It went on to explain that if I was and referred anyone to Buzz Accelerator who signed up for a monthly service, then I could qualify for a custom Facebook page and Facebook application.  The value of this offer is $599!  Pretty nice offer.

First, a Social Media Marketing Lesson

I want to underline a few things about this Twitter experience for you.

First, this was a chance encounter – one that happens all the time on Twitter and in Social Media in general.  Someone follows, likes or comments and a door is opened for you to walk through.  Buzz Accelerator responded to my private message and we now have a stronger connection.

How many times is a door opened for you on Twitter, Facebook, your blog or any other social media platform and you don’t bother to walk through?  Hopefully, you take advantage of every opportunity.

Second part of this social media marketing lesson is the offer by Buzz Accelerator.  It has high appeal and high value.  Based upon your ability to give them a solid referral, they will reciprocate by delivering you a free Facebook Page and application.

There is so much free, yet worthless junk out there that one needs to become far more creative about the type of free offers they make.

Do your offers have high value?  How can you make your offers more attractive and get your visitors to stop in their tracks or get them to write a blog post for you?

How Can You Find Out More?

It seems the folks at Buzz Accelerator are making this offer because they really like to support organizations that…well, that do the good stuff in the world.

I do too and thought some of you might as well.

So here is the deal.  Check out this link and read more about the offer.  If you are a non-profit, consider making some referrals.   If you’re aware of a non-profit that might benefit from this offer, pass this offer along, so it can participate if it wants to.

No, you can’t refer yourself.  They already thought of that.

Let me know what you think of Buzz Accelerator’s offer.  Is it an offer you would be willing to make for customer referrals?


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