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13 Reasons To Do More YouTube Videos

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In my humble opinion, YouTube is one of the most impressive tools on the Internet and for social media marketing for the following reasons:

  1. YouTube is free and who doesn’t like free.
  2. YouTube the second largest search engine behind Google, it’s parent.
  3. Creating videos is a common place activity today with embedded cams in lap tops, smart phones and easy-to-use digital cameras or plain old video cams.
  4. YouTube videos are engaging for audiences, particularly those who prefer their learning by seeing rather than reading.
  5. YouTube videos are extremely versatile and are appropriate for B2B and B2C applications…product demonstrations, training, fashion shows, group gatherings, seminars, talks, debates, in-store events…you name it and one could create a video to cover it.
  6. YouTube can enhance the digital footprint of your site by distributing through a variety of social media as well as video distribution outlets, (e.g. your site; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, TubeMogul, SlideShare, etc.
  7. One can set-up a YouTube channel easily and use it almost as a video membership site by designating certain videos as “unlisted”, which means no one can access without the link to the video.
  8. For those interested, YouTube videos can be monetized.
  9. Videos, in general, help you create a more personal bond with your audience as they get to see and hear you almost live.
  10. Viewership of YouTube videos is really, really big.
  11. There are some great online tools to help create videos, some free and some not free.  Camtasia and Jing by TechSmith and the one I’m using now, Screencast-o-matic.  Jing and Screencast-O-matic are free, but Screencast-O-matic allows longer playing times.
  12. If you are familiar with YouTube or have a YouTube channel, you may have noticed a recent makeover.  One of the most exciting updates was the ability to connect your Google + and Facebook accounts to your YouTube account.  This means one can extend their reach of the videos shared on Facebook and Google + with your YouTube audience.
  13. It’s easy to add calls-to-action to videos and to motivate your viewing audience to take some action.

There are probably more reasons to use YouTube for one’s social media marketing, but these are the first 13 that came to my mind.  If you haven’t been creating videos for your social media marketing efforts, you might want to add this to your list of objectives for 2012.  If you have, share what tools you use in the comments section below.  I’d love to hear of other video recording tools, so please share.

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