Social Media Buzz – Foundation

Many small business owners find the world of social media confusing and don’t see how these tools can help their bottom lines. This post is Part 1 of an ongoing explanation of what social media is, how it is different from traditional media tools, the major players and how it can help generate revenues for any business.

The Marketing of FREE

I am a huge and most likely one of many silent fans of Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid.  Hugh is an interesting artist or, as he refers to himself, a cartoonist.  Daily, Hugh sends out thought pieces to members of his newsletter. The graphics are intriguingly complex, but more important to me, is the linkage to […]

Google’s Take on Marketing

I enjoyed watching Dan Cobly’s TED presentation on how physics and marketing are not all that different.  Dan Colby’s is Google’s Marketing Director.  His last point is of value to all marketers, be they small retailers or large Fortune 500. Hope you enjoy the presentation and will share your thoughts below. Dan Colby’s TED Presentation […]