Marketer: Can You Fake It Until You Become It?

Two Minutes To Become a Savvy Marketer

Yes, only a two minute investment can transform you from a mild mannered pussy cat into a marketer with the power of a lion.Marketer - Confidence

Let’s step back a bit and explain why I am sharing this priceless piece of advice.

Many small business owners I talk to are afraid of marketing.  Really?  Well, I believe they are afraid.  Many express to me that marketing seems so confusing, so difficult.  They create excuses to avoid marketing.  They refuse to invest the time necessary to learn how to do marketing.  They express frustration with competing with large big box discounters or large corporations and the likes of Amazon. It is as if these small business owners are saying to themselves and anyone who will listen…

These guys are savvy in their marketing efforts.  I am anything but a savvy marketer. I’m just a small business owner trying to stay alive.

To truly stay alive, these small business owners need to become confident marketers.

Oh sure, some may dabble online with social media.  Perhaps they commit to some spray and pray advertising in the local newspaper without any confidence it will work.  Maybe it occurs to them they should reach out to their email subscriber database since they haven’t talked to them since Christmas. But mentally, psychologically these small business owners are staying small. They are hiding from their audience.

This lack of confidence is communicated in everything they do – online and off. Their smallness is displayed as loudly as if they stood outside their store or office door buck naked for the world to see.

We may not like to admit this, but human beings, for all of our advances, remain instinctive animals at heart.  We judge and are judge based on animal instincts that detect subtle nuances in our body language.  We can’t help it.  It is just they way we are built.

Amy Cuddy has the answer. She describes in her TED talk how her research shows people can fake it until they BECOME it.  You’ll find the video below.

What does Amy’s research have to do with becoming a better marketer?

Everything.  Image plays a big, big role in marketing.  The words, the images you use to communicate in your marketing define your results you will achieve and among which audiences.  The online messages you send determine if you will garner engagement or avoidance.  What you hold in your mind gets transmitted through your fingers online.

But before you watch the video, I want you to ask yourself some questions – questions I’m asking myself and questions I think everyone in marketing should repeatedly ask.

  • How would your marketing efforts – online and off – change if you felt strong and more confident about your business, about your marketing?
  • Specifically, in what ways would it change?
  • Can you fake it until you create that change?

If you experience a gut level response that tells you your marketing would be very different thereby producing better results than you want to watch Amy’s TED talk below.  She’ll show you how a two minute investment can change the way you think about yourself, your business and your marketing.

Also, you should share your thoughts in the comments section so we can help each other move forward.



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