Social Media Landing Pages – Easy Way to Treat Your Social Crowd Like VIPs

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Chances are high that social media plays a big role in your online marketing focus to pull traffic to your website.

Your website is where these visitors will learn more about you and what you have to offer.

But how do you give your social media visitors the VIP or King and Queen for a Day treatment?

Here’s one idea:  Social Media Landing Pages

If you haven’t heard of social media landing pages or are not using them, you may want to think about creating some and tailoring the content for your social media visitors.

Why?  Here are four good reasons:

1.  The best thing about landing pages is it converts people to take action dramatically better than does your home page.  The reason landing pages are dramatically better is because…

you are sending the right message to the right audience at the right time.

2.  Your social media landing pages communications can be more personable and less generic than what is typical for most website, which can create a strong bond with these visitors.

3.  You can use social media landing pages to expand your social crowd’s base of knowledge about you and your business.

4.  You can also use these pages to segment your subsequent email marketing efforts – leading to more customized and tailored communications.

What exactly is a Landing Page?

There tends to be a lot of confusion around what is or isn’t a landing page and is it the same as a squeeze page.  If you’re not familiar with a landing page, let’s define it.

A landing page is a page designed to prompt a specific action or result.  That’s it.

Ideally, any page of your website should act as some sort of a landing page, but I’m referring to pages that are where we want people to take one specific and targeted action…give you their email address, buy a digital product, sign-up for an upcoming event or webinar, join your membership program or any myriad of actions.

Another characteristic that distinguishes a landing page from other website pages is they are typically free of navigation bars, visual clutter, and links to other sections. You want the reader focused solely on your message, your supportive visuals, and the offer you’re making without being tempted to wander around.

Now that you know what a landing page is, how do you create one for your social media crowd?

Social Media Landing Pages

Social media landing pages include your desired action while making your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn visitors feel warm and welcomed.  These pages should follow the same basic guidelines of all well designed landing pages with some social customization thrown in. Here are 7 tips for you to incorporate into your social media landing pages.

1.  Create a truly captivating headline

A solid headline will make up for a lot of sins.  Spend time on it.  If possible, consider split testing to determine the best headline.

2.  Craft a compelling “Welcome” message

These are folks who arrived on this page from your links on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or G+, so let them know you’re glad they found your page and don’t be afraid to be socially engaging in your writing style.

3.  Match the social media tone

If creating a LinkedIn landing page, you’re talking business people and you are most likely interested in generating leads.  Whitepapers, case studies or Slideshare presentations are natural choices for a LinkedIn audience.  Testimonials could also be a nice addition as well and may assist in getting these visitors to take the desired action.

Facebook and Google+ are more discussion platforms.  You may want to have a short video introduction of you and what you deliver.

For Twitter or Pinterest visitors you may want some great infographics or stunning images that will be easy for them to share with their followers.

You may also want to consider exclusive or special offers.  They naturally make visitors feel special and it is a nice reward for them connecting or sharing their email with you.

The important thing is to match your offer / request to the specific type of social media visitor.

4.   Design your Social Media Landing Page to match your goal

If you want your social media visitors to take a desired action, (e.g. email, webinar sign-up, etc.) then you don’t want a navigation, sidebar, widgets, and all manner of distractions to take their minds away from your goal.   You want the cleanest page possible because it will convert better than one that is cluttered.

5.  Have a focused Call to Action

Choice confuses. Ask for one specific action and be crystal clear in your request.

6.  Don’t assume

You can’t assume these visitors are already fans or followers.  They could just be looking to find out more about you and your social bio is probably a truncated version.   You can use this opportunity to briefly and succinctly:

  • explain who you are and what you do
  • outline the benefits of whatever action you want them to take
  • ask for the email, like, connect, follow, or the share

7.  Make it eye-appealing and include appropriate social cues

If you are making a request, it does not mean you have to turn the page into the equivalent of a high pressure used car salesmen dressed in a bad plaid suite.  I’m talking about the over-sized headlines (72 point or greater), lots of red, lots of arrows and ugly clip art.

Remember, any landing page reflects the image of your brand and of you.  So, make certain that the type, colors, and graphics you use on your social media landing pages continue to mirror your desired image.

Another option is to consider adding visual cues from the social media platform in question.  You could use a similar layout or photos as on your Twitter or LinkedIn page or use the Facebook Friends photos for your Facebook landing page.  Here is a Facebook example from


social media landing pages - the marketing bit

Your Turn

What do you think of social media landing pages?  Do you think they would work for your website?  Share your thoughts below.


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