Use Your Website to Make People Fall in Love with You

Your Website has to Captivate – Quickly!  

Website and speed dating

Image: by Mischief Champion



Just like speed dating.


Are you off your rocker?


Nope.  The job of your website is to make your visitors, your prospects fall in love with you, – 1005 – with what you have to offer in the shortest time possible.

Why am I counting?


I’m counting off the 9 seconds it takes you to decide if you’re going to continue reading.



Yes, only 9 paltry seconds to make an impression – 1009 – positive or negative.

9 seconds goes by fast doesn’t it?  Really fast.

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re still here.  But there are those who visited the site and have already left – gone forever.

The same thing happens to your business website.

They found your website through Google search, Facebook, Twitter or from an old blog post – they clicked and in less time than it takes to blink, they clicked away.  They were there and gone in about 9 inadequate seconds.

What enthralling message did they see in those precious 9 seconds on your website?

What captivating big idea did you communicate to them?

Did you say anything – anything at all – to inspire them and get them to stay for 10, 20 seconds or maybe a full 60?

If you’re looking for the ‘love of your life’, you’re out there with a gazillion other guys and gals who are also seeking their loves.

In speed dating, you have an impression of someone before they ever sit down and they of you. You know if this is going to a waste of time or the beginning of a luscious love affair.

The same holds true for your prospects.

Your website competes against over 1 Billion other websites for the attention of readers.

The question you have to ask is:

How are you going to get your prospects’ – your website visitors’ attention?

How are you going to stand out and capture the attention of the prospect of your dreams?

Are you going to do that by being just like all of the other Billion other websites?


You can’t afford to be boring online and that includes your website. ‘Boring’ is a killer for your website just like it is when you are speed dating or on your first date.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best mousetrap if no one knows about it.

You could have the best idea, the best price, the most unusual products, BUT…

If no one finds it or sees it – IT doesn’t matter.

Your website is your most strategic online marketing tool.  You control it.  You select the theme, the images it displays and the messages it delivers.   If you’re really good, you create mind bending blog posts.

You need to captivate visitors in a scant and precious 9 seconds and communicate something that makes people:

stay on your site for more 

interested enough to sign-up for your newsletter

check out your products

fall in love with you

This is the challenge of your website.

How do you make people fall in love with your website? 

Everyone’s idea of love is different.  This is why knowing your audience like the back of your hand is so vital.

If you know your audience inside out, you can use the following six tips as guides to turn up the dial on your website and keep it alive and stimulating to every viable prospect who visits.

1.  Use fewer words

Can people get your point in 9 seconds?

Do your words intrigue them to want to find out more?

2.  One clear and concise message for each of your web pages

Don’t try to communicate gobs of information.  That’s boring.

Stay focused on the most important and captivating elements of your message.

3.  Put the most important content in the belly of your pages – just above the fold.

According to Chartbeat, the sweet spot is just above the fold.  This is where your most captivating material needs to be positioned.

Website - Just above the Fold

Heat Map – Where visitors spend the most time on a website

4.  Use better and more stimulating visuals

Speed is the name of the game.  Our brains read and translate visuals 60,000 times faster than words.  Use them and use them well.

5.  More creative CTAs – calls to action – to stimulate action

Instead of boring “Submit”, try calls to action and buttons that express your own personality.

Website - More creative CTAs

 6.  Ramp up your Headlines and Subject lines 

Consider using these two tools to create more engrossing headlines and subject lines.

Advanced Marketing Institute



Your Turn

Honestly.  How captivating do you think your website is right now?

What eye-ball glue tricks can you think of to keep your visitors from clicking away?

Which of these five tips are you going to try first?

Share your thoughts below.





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