Website Shame? 12 Steps To Website Nirvana

Suffering from Website Shame? 

I am.  If you are as well, then these 12 tips may help you make the move from website shame to website nirvana. Website shame - the marketing bit, sheila hibbard

Not certain you have website shame?  I understand.  Sometimes we need clues to know we have a problem.

Website Shame Clues

  • You haven’t visited you site in months and months.
  • When you pass out your business card, you feel a panicked need to tell people you’re “redoing” your site so they don’t think the current website reflects the way you do business – even though it does.
  • When you do visit your site, you see all the problems and just throw up your hands because you don’t know where to begin.
  • You make excuses for your website such as:
    • Not enough time.
    • Not enough money to hire someone.
    • You think of the money you wasted on your current site and ask yourself if you would get better this time around.
    • You don’t really know how to put a website together.
    • There are too many choices.  How do you know which option to choose? Do you hire someone?  Do you use a or .com?  Which template?
    • And on and on and on.

If you’re experiencing any or all of these symptoms, then you have website shame…maybe a serious case of it.

What does website shame cost you?

A lot.

The best comparison I’ve heard is relating a website to a home or storefront, which makes sense because that is what a website is.  It is the first thing potential customers see when they’re looking for someone who does what you do or sells what you sell.

When your online home lacks curb appeal or doesn’t look welcoming, what are the visitors going to do?

Yep.  They’re out of there and on to your competitors.

How are you going to pull potential customers in to take action – positive action – if you lack curb appeal? You’re not.

How do you break out of website shame?

The one surefire method I’ve found is to take action.

Here is some of the action I have taken so far.  If you want to work yourself out of website shame, you may want to follow these steps as well.  I’ve…

  1. identified my prim-o audience – the one group I want above all others
  2. studied a variety of websites I liked to see how and why they worked
  3. determined what specific action I want my audience to take when they visit my site
  4. classified my current website content and know what stays and what goes
  5. outlined the new pages and figured out my goals for each page
  6. mapped out a path (also referred to as a funnel) I want visitors to take naturally
  7. identified the extra tools I’ll need to make my plan work
  8. created an intro video for the new home page
  9. created additional content for the new pages and edited everything down so all of the communications are crystal clear
  10. selected my color palette and fonts that I’ll use throughout the site
  11. shopped – until I’m numb – for just the ‘right’ theme – one that is responsive and one that will look fresh for several years.

Sounds like I’m pretty far along.  Right? I am.  I’ve accomplished 11 out of the 12 steps.  Only one more step to take.

What’s stopping me from biting the bullet and taking the plunge?

Frankly, it was far easier when I started from scratch.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  Now, I really do know this website switch means unavoidable glitches and snafus and that means multiple learning curves.

  • Learning how the new theme works or doesn’t work
  • Learning how to integrate the new plugins, widgets and tools into the new theme
  • Learning how to implement my new strategies

So I procrastinate. I push it off. I delay taking the plunge.

Yes, I could hire someone to implement all that I’ve created, but eventually I’m going to want and need to know how my website works.  That’s the way I am.  Maybe that’s the way you are shame and website nirvana - the marketing bit

It may be like jumping into the Lake Michigan in winter, but I’ve circled February 14th on my calendar.  That’s the day I will give myself a gift, a website I love, one that works for me and for my visitors.

No more website shame.  Only website nirvana.

Your Turn

Where is your website?  Shame-ville or nirvana?

What is the biggest problem you have with your website?

Are you ready to make it better?   Share your thoughts in the comments section and feel free to ask any questions pertaining to your website.  I’m happy to share what I’ve learned.


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