Website Traffic – First Four Steps To Traffic Generation

Are you asking:  How do I generate website traffic? 


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Answer:  How would you like to generate website traffic?


You mean I have a choice in how to generate traffic?

I thought I had to twist my mind around the ins and outs of SEO, buy expensive courses, sit at the feet of gurus and chant to the Internet Gods to find out the secrets to traffic generation.


One doesn’t need to twist, buy, sit at the feet of self-proclaimed gurus or chant to generate website traffic.


There are any number of free online marketing tools and techniques you can use that are easily within your grasp.   But, as my wise grandmother used to say:

Don’t put the cart before the horse.  You won’t get very far.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of abandoned carts littering the Internet landscape and you don’t want your website to be one of them.  Horseless Cart

There are four steps you need to take before you can starting priming the traffic pump.  You need to determine which approach is really best for your purposes by answering the following questions.  You’ll be more effective.

What is my end goal?

Do you want to increase your page ranking so you can attract advertisers to your site?

Or do you want more subscribers to your e-newsletter?

Or do you want to attract more likes to your Facebook Page?

Is your ultimate goal to generate leads?

You need a clear end goal that will lead you to an effective traffic generating strategy.

Once you have your end goal in mind, you can answer the second question.

Where does my audience hang-out? 

You’ve defined who you want to reach, right?  If not, visit this post about defining your audience before you proceed.

Is your audience the 24 or younger crowd?  Then you’ll probably find them on Twitter, Facebook and/or Pinterest.

Is your audience the professional B2B set?  If so, go to LinkedIn and concentrate your efforts there.

Are you seeking 25+ crowd?  Facebook is probably your weapon of choice with a touch of Pinterest thrown in.

Seeking primarily women?  Facebook, Pinterest, maybe Twitter.

Seeking primarily men?  LinkedIn, Facebook with a sprinkling of Gentlemint.

There are other social media platforms, but the ones mentioned about are the most popular and have the likelihood to generate the bulk of your traffic.

In addition to the various social media platforms, you should also identify the niche-oriented sites, leading blogs and popular forums in your industry that will attract your audience.

Know where your audience hangs and you’ll be better able to pull them in.

Which set of online marketing tools am I most comfortable using?

Why does this matter?

Because if you’re not comfortable writing, tweeting, video taping, posting, etc. then you won’t be successful in using that technique to generate traffic.

You just won’t.  You’ll give it a try.  You’ll have the best of intentions.  But before you know it, the technique will be collecting virtual dust bunnies on your computer hard drive.

So, zero-in on what you enjoy doing and have confidence you can do it as well as 99% of the folks online – perhaps better.

Do you like to write?  If so, then you should have a blog and use it as one of your core traffic generation tools along with a few select social media tools.

Are you a natural ham and love to talk?  If so, then you may excel in creating YouTube videos that show off your personality and get people engaged.

Maybe you are a curious soul and really enjoy interviewing other really bright people.  Then you may want to consider setting-up a Blog Talk Radio program where you can do just that.

Perhaps you only have the time or the temperament for short bursts.  If so, then Twitter, Tumbler may be your tools of choice.

Are you very analytical and really like getting deep into a method?  Hmmm.  Then you may be one of those SEO geeky types that can really wrap your mind around organic SEO and PPC to generate your traffic needs.

Know what you want to accomplish, with whom and which tools makes sense for you to use.

One More Thing – Create a Road Map

Think about what specific actions you want your visitors to take. Then design a road map to and through your website that leads them to take that very Birds eye viewaction.  Get a birds eye view of where you want your visitors to enter your site and where you want to take them.

If your goal is build your subscriber list, then your best bet may want to create a specific landing page and offer a free e-book, a wonderful video, a free e-course or a free consultation.

You should also consider strategically placing multiple opportunities around your website to encourage visitors to visit the landing page and sign-up for your incredible offer.

Same is true if you want to generate leads for the B2B market.

If you want your visitors to generate comments or share your materials with others on their Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts, then give them an incentive to do so.

Once you get these first four steps flushed out, you’ll be well prepared to generate traffic for your website.

We’ll dive into the various traffic generating tools and techniques in our next post.  In the meantime, you should use the comments section below to share which tools and techniques you’ve found to be particularly successful for your online efforts.


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